What I Learned At SCP Yesterday…

I was at South Coast Plaza yesterday.
It is an outing.
This is what I learned:

  • The sales staff at Tiffany’s are courteous, friendly and professional.  She gave me a blue bag to take home although I shipped my gifts.
  • The sales staff at Ralph Lauren’s are snobby, cold and aloof.  I wanted to tell the sales girl, “Honey, you may be 5’11”, thin as a whippet and twenty-something, but you’re the one working on a beautiful Saturday for minimum wage or commission and although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that your attitude will keep you doing this a long, long time with no advancement.
  • If I had an extra $50,000 to spend I would buy the Chanel star watch just because I think it is heavenly.  I would even throw in basic etiquette and manners lessons for all RL employees.  My treat.
  • If I had an additional $125,000 to spend I would buy the Van Cleef & Arpels Feeire watch, wear it once or twice and take the lovely ladies to lunch who let me try it on and oogle over it while they flipped open their laptops and educated me in the design and artisan workmanship.  It was a fascinating 15 minutes.  The $125,000 includes an extravagant lunch, tax on the watch and gratuity for lunch.  It does not include an etiquette refresher course for the RL employees although I am assuming this will surely be needed.  I am on a budget.
  • If you wait long enough your favorite summer Dooney & Bourke bag will be 40% off and waiting patiently for you.
  • Jo Malone Orange Blossom is my new scent even though it is fall.  I was told they offer home parties if you can gather 10 guests and it is a beautiful show.  They are having a preview at Charlie Palmer’s next week to solicit interest.
  • Sephora on a Saturday afternoon is a kin to the Running of The Bulls.
  • I am betting the beautifully coiffed customer in Tiffany’s who had on a 1 1/2″ wide pave diamond watch band and a ring that had to have been close to 8 karats if not more would have gladly traded it all not to have been shuffling by on a walker while her husband was mobile. 
  • The site of a grown grandson taking his grandmother out to lunch and window shopping is very endearing.  Holding her hand because he wants to and not because he has to help her makes me hope I am one day, as rich as she shopping at SCP.
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  1. Great observations! Would love to be included in the lunch with the Van Cleef and Arpels ladies!

  2. Agree re: the RL salespeople and their faux snobby attitude. In the words of Pretty Woman…”BIG MISTAKE–HUGE!” 😉

  3. The Tiffany at SCP is my favorite one but I get spotty service from them, depending on how I’m dressed. I test it out all the time because that’s usually where I park and if I walk in dressed casually they usually ignore me.

    The people at Black Star and Frost upstairs, however, are wonderful.

    And I cannot recommend the fabulous Giorgio Armani make-up artist at Saks enough. I love him so much! I’m blanking on his name but he’s there all the time.

  4. OH, what a great post. And I think you are certainly right in your final two “lessons”. xoxo

  5. You saw my boots? I hope you factored them in to your budget for me!


    Rebecca June

  6. Your Mad Men comment is wonderful! You are so articulate. I forgot to mention that Betty is nuts, isn’t she? And Carla is way smarter than Betts. Can you believe that comment that Betty made to Carla about Civil Rights? OMG> What an insensitive remark. xoxo