Blue Skies

My Grace Kelly book ‘Pass-Along-Give-Away’ ends tonight. The ending of the book is a real surprise and talks candidly about her isolated life in the palace. Very interesting! The author actually interviewed her but decided to publish their conversations long after her death. You know how some stories stay with you? This is one of them for me.The response has been great for the Cocktail Napkin Swap so if you’d like to join us we’d love to have you! You can leave a comment here.

Yesterday was a beautiful day outside while I was driving into Irvine and Costa Mesa. Being high up on the freeway interchanges I felt part of the sky and puffy clouds that we rarely see scattered and hugging the foothills. The blue was even more pronounced and gave my mind a peacefulness that was so welcomed.

A song came on the radio that I associated with the boys being in elementary school and I found myself wishing I was inching up the line of cars on the ramp waiting for the bell to ring. One by one the freckled, tousled-headed boys of the neighborhood would come out of nowhere and tag the car. It was a game with no score keeping or prizes. Just a chance to run and be first and forgotten as soon as the door clicked open.

If only I could go back, just for a day, I’d linger at the faces where the sun kissed their cheeks and noses hundreds of times on the playground and baseball fields. I would find eyes as blue as the sky I was part of today – open and boundless in wonderment.

If only my backseat was filled with giggles of barefoot boys with the windows rolled down who found folly waving their toes to their friends passing by on the school buses as we headed home.

If only.

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  1. Oh you say that now…I bet they would drive you crazy if you had a bunch of little boys in the back of the car LOL

    Aim higher…like Don Draper in the back seat!!

  2. You are such a wonderful writer, you makes us feel like we are right there beside you!
    What a great idea about the cocktail napkin swap! I didn’t leave a comment yesterday because I didn’t want to mess up your order but it sounds like such fun! Hopefully, it goes smoothly and you can include some non-Americans next time!
    Hope you are having a great day!

  3. If Don Draper was in my back seat I can tell ‘ya I wouldn’t be driving! 😉

    Thank you Miss Lily. I revised the post to include our Canadian cousins after I found out the cost of mailing would be minimal. 🙂

  4. That just made me tear up because I need to hold onto the moments my crazy boys are in the back seat begging for the windows to go down. I’m all emotional anyway because #2 had preschool graduation this morning. 5 years has gone by too fast already.

  5. beautiful words spoken from a loving soul!!

  6. Hi! Sounds like a wonderful drive you had, with the radio on, flooding you with memories. How nice.
    I think instead of kids, Dan Draper would look mighty nice in my back seat too!
    Can’t wait for the napkin swap, I look forward to things like this, simple but fun!
    Hope your having a nice week.