“Silly Rabbit, Trix Are For Kids.”

I will be beginning Nurti-System this week for the family wedding season so of course I am craving all that I cannot have like a big box of Trix that I literally have not eaten in at least 10 years if not more.

This was my favorite cereal growing up and I can still feel what is was like waking up at the crack of noon on Saturday and filling up my bowl with the flavorful corn puffs that would float on top and eventually turn the milk a slight pink color. Weren’t the toys inside the box just the best and was there ever better reading material to accompany your breakfast than whatever was printed on the back of the box? I think not.

What was your favorite childhood sugary cereal?

Cartoon Time: “Sugar, Sugar” – The Archies
“Honeycomb” – Jimmie Rodgers
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  1. My favorites were the Reese’s Peanut Butter and Chocolate cereal and Captain Crunch. Part of the reason why I like Pinkberry so much is because you can get Captain Crunch on your yogurt there.

  2. I love fruity pebbles (I think that’s how it’s spelled?) And, I’m on a diet, too! Best of luck with it! A friend of mine from work is doing Nutrisystem and while it doesn’t taste that great, she’s lost close to 6 pounds 🙂 Good luck!

    Shirley (sHp)

  3. Lucky Charms and Captain Crunch, when I was back in Az last week I consumed a whole box of LC. Suppose to start my diet this week thought I’d go out with a bang. They have a new marshmellow, an hourglass! Diets Suck!

  4. Frau – I love the mentally of going out with a bang and don’t think I didn’t think of it! The lure of a new marshmallow….

    Shirley – Thank you! Good luck to you too. It is by far the hardest thing I have to do besides exercising regularly or at all.

    Prep – If they had Trix I’d be a loyal customer!

  5. I used to love, love, love, Sugar Smacks! Brings back memories.
    Good luck with your diet, I hear Nutri-System is great! About 6 years ago I joined Weight Watchers, and lost 40 pounds. Now I’m a life time member. It’s hard, but I KNOW you can do it!

  6. I ate bran flakes or Cheerios. I don’t think my Mom bought anything else. I really don’t have a sweet tooth, maybe that’s why 🙂

  7. i still eat my favorite childhood cereal Golden Grahams. such a good snack too!

  8. I loved Co Co pebbles!

  9. Apple Jacks and Sugar Corn Pops. Ha! Good luck with the diet.

  10. Ronda – Thanks! I am already starting to get in a bad mood knowing the box has shipped. 🙂 Who was the icon on the Sugar Smacks box? Was it Quick Draw McGraw (with googling?)

    SJN – No sweet tooth? You are very lucky. It is my favorite food group all by lovely self. 🙂

    Frou Frou – Thanks for leaving a comment. Those came along after I grew up. 🙂

    P2 – Oooo, and the chocolaty milk! 🙂

    Sea o’ blue – When I was a kid they were just called Sugar Pops! So un-PC today. My brother would eat those with bananas. I can still smell the unholy combo. 🙂

  11. I think they were called Sugar Pops originally & then were changed to corn pops. ? They were full of corn syrupy goodness.

    Also, about 10 years ago I fell in love with Oreo cookie cereal. IDK if they still make it, but I once ate so much of it at one sitting moving became painful ( not kidding).

    *Headed to the pantry for some Kashi Go Lean Crunch*. Supposedly healthy, but tastes like candy.

  12. I remember eating Sugar Smacks often. I bought some not long ago and UGH they were nasty. Tastes change I guess.

    I ADORE cereal. I could eat it three meals a day.

  13. Captain Crunch…Peanut Butter, Fruity Pebbles and Apple Jacks. I’m hungry!!!! Seriously…Nutrisystem??? I have weddings the end of the month and a trip to the Bahamas June 1…I wonder if I can get it in time. Have you tried before????

  14. Anonymous says:

    For sugary cereals, I liked Cap’n Crunch or Cocoa Crispies (they turned the milk chocolate – sheer magic!). But my all time favorite cereal to this day is Cheerios – real ones, not store brand – in the plain yellow box.