My Royal Wedding Souvenir

Last week I ventured into the Tod’s store to look at a bag I saw Kate Middleton pictured with. What was particularly interesting about it was that it’s called the D-style bag named after Diana but the updated version. Here’s a quick article on the connection of both bags. I particularly liked the soft grey and the leather was like buttah but at $1665, uh, I rather have a new camera. Then, who was seen, but the latest Middleton sibling… [Read More]

Cookie Calendar

Today begins my cookie countdown for my niece’s wedding. For the next few days I’ll be baking 140 wedding cake cookies and then change it up by baking a couple hundred flower cookies on sticks for a landscape trade show but I’m determined to make decorated margarita cookies tomorrow because of 2 great colors of disco dust I found this weekend. Think traditional margarita and strawberry. These sparkly colors, along with pearl sugar I ordered last week, are inspiring me… [Read More]

Bridal Shower ‘Tushie Cookies’!

bridal shower tushie cookies

I can hardly believe I am saying this especially after my Granny Panties post last Friday, but I was totally inspired to make these cookies by the bridal “I Do” thong I gave my niece for one of her shower gifts this past weekend.   These aren’t your mama’s bridal shower cookies but they sure got a lot of laughs and attention! I made a few just for fun. I wrapped them up and told Jennifer, the bride, I made… [Read More]

“Someday My Prince Will Come”

Did you ever dream of being a Disney princess bride?Now you can be with the line of Disney princess bridal gowns. Which princess would you be?Preferences based primarily on dress design. The prince is a secondary consideration.Besides who remembers any princely potentials besides Aladdin? Ariel.They used to call this style ‘fish tail.’Now it’s ‘mermaid.’ Still something fishy about it to me.Personally, I think it makes every girl look like she’s packing a little more bait in the dorsal fin. But… [Read More]

Nautical Wedding Part III

Marianne’s photographer was also her friend and completely captured the twinkle in her eye and her playful personality. Her pictures are so beautiful and need no introduction or commentary, mine, on the other hand, need all the help they can get as you’ll be able to see at the bottom of this post. :)Beautiful photos by Brittany Dow Photography Now my photos. Brittany has no worries. These are mostly for family but I thought I’d share… “The bride and groom’s… [Read More]

A Pink and Green Wedding

Thought I’d share some pink and green wedding photos since it isPink and Green Thursday afterall. 🙂 Just so lovely and understated ~ Just a blush of color with wispy grasses and ferns ~ Just to welcome you to a very special weekend ~ Just a sparkle of a tennis bracelet ~ Just soft glow of candle light ~ Just perfect.

A Nephew’s Wedding In Scottsdale

Waiting for the ceremony to begin. Scott’s lovely Leala. Laura’s Andreas. An other newly engaged niece, Jennifer, who just got her ring on Thursday night! She is Mizz’s sister. Mizz got engaged 10 days ago! Stayed tuned for many more family weddings! My boys escorted their Grandmother. The proud parent’s of the groom. Sister Laura is all smiles. Brothers Scott and Todd. The bride’s mother’s face full of love watching her grandchildren, the ring barer and flower girl. Ryan sees… [Read More]

I’m A Wedding Auntie Again!

Another niece is sporting the bling from the other side of the family! WooHoo! Congratulations Ms. Mizz! We are all so happy for you and Bat Man! Send me the photo again of your ice ice baby and I’ll add it into the show. Wishing you calm seas and fair winds! xoxo

Our Wedding .

Twenty six years ago today I became your bride and you,my husband. What was a beautiful friendship for nine years became a walk down the aisle on this day. With the dawn of October 8, 1983 came a soft rain and grey skies. I thought of the saying, “Happy is the bride the sun shines upon.” I was worried there was no sun to shine on me and this was an inauspicious omen. At 4 o’clock the stained glassed windows… [Read More]

Heather & Will’s Wedding Weekend.

The rehearsal. The bride entered from behind these doors in Vera Wang less than 24 hours from this moment.A place for everyone… … and everyone in their place. As the rehearsal was under way, son2 and I were just finishing hanging the rosettes. Mr. P. Martini came just in time to supervise the job and take the luggage to the Westin since my car was full of decorations when I left in the morning. L.L. Bean tote bag, paper cutter,… [Read More]