Jennifer’s Wedding

It was a lovely day.The day before I had finished making 140 wedding cookies for my niece, but you might have already known that.
On Saturday, as we were leaving for the ceremony, I received a call from the father of the bride. “Where are you?” Three little words at the beginning of a conversation that always makes your heart beat faster.Seems the florist came and left before the bakery dropped off the cake so there was no one to put the flowers on the cake. Yes, I would be glad to do it. When I arrived I had a bucket of loose roses to work with but no greenery.

I don’t know if this is what my niece had in mind but this is what I came up with.

I pulled any leaves I could find from the loose arrangement on the table, grabbed a couple mini banana clips off of a nearby orchid plant to secure the roses for the cake top and quickly began cascading the roses down the side of the cake as guests began to arrive.

The private home the wedding was held at had a terraced backyard.

Jennifer and her father began their precession at the top of a very high hill winding their way down a pathway to waiting guests…

… and of course to her happy groom.

Jennifer’s grandma worked the room..

The Kids Table.

Some things never change.

Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness!

Decorated Wedding Cookies – Part 2

wedding cookies favors bridal shower cookies

The wedding cookie samples are finished!I started with a batch of plain cookies not knowing where they were going to take me.I usually have designs in my head but yesterday I had none, nada, zilch. I let the bride’s colors guide me – pink, green and black.Light pink roses and lots of greenery to be specific. The wedding cake will be white with pink roses and with black bands of icing around the bottom of each tier. Jennifer, the bride,… [Read More]

Embossed Fondant Wedding Cookies – Part 1

wedding cookies favors bridal shower cookies

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