50’s and 60’s Vintage Ads

I’m all a-dither this week with the approach of Mad Men’s new season!
I’ve got a great give-away planned that even Betty would love and I’m going to have some fun with a collection of Mad Men inspired decorated iced cookies I’m making along with a quiz to see if you can match the cookie to the character!

In the meantime while the cookies bake and the icing dries, I thought I’d share some ads I found from the 50’s and 60’s while looking for inspiration.

I hope you like them too.
So let’s set the dial of the Way-Back Machine with Peabody and Sherman and enjoy the pink appliances, Peter Pan collars and head bands. 🙂

“Not tonight, honey….. “Our evil plan is thwarted, ladies!
My FIL always told me the best birth control was an aspirin between the knees. 😉

Twister. Played at every slumber party I went to in 1967.
Don’t forget to wear your Peds.

Paris Styles 1966

Duz was big stuff with a glass in every box. I used to beg my mom to buy this brand just for this reason. It was my goal to make our kitchen modern one smoky glass at a time.
I think we stopped at 2.

Life Magazine 1961
Just goes to show you a simple, classic sheath is timeless.
The feathers? Not so much.

This was me from 1962 to 1968. School. Everyday.
Maytag 1961

Avon, Cherry Ice, 1960
7-Up 1963
1961It really was a less hectic and kinder time.

I wonder what will be said of this era 40 to 50 years from now?

Live it well today.


Coming Of Age at Sav-On

It was any Saturday in the late 60’s. I would open the top drawer of my dresser and pull out the stack of silver quarters my father had given to me from a recent trip to Vegas. Nancy was coming over and picking me up on the way. She lived at 1115 and I, at 1128. She liked Ringo. I liked Paul. A few years earlier we both had to be transferred to afternoon kindergarten because we couldn’t get up… [Read More]