It’s such a beautiful morning here it’s almost possible to put aside the images of what I’ve seen in the news this week from the south and mid-west. But I can’t. I think of the thousands of people personally affected that are literally without a roof over their heads. I can’t imagine the terror they felt in prayer asking for protection for themselves and for those they loved to emerge just minutes later, elated with their lives, followed by instant sorrow and disbelief. I send thoughts of love, strength, and hope their way and pray it gently lifts their hearts.The best statement of hope comes from someone I heard being interviewed. To paraphrase, they said that everyone displaced would have a place to call home because ‘it’s the south and everyone has some family here that will take them in’. I believe this is true whether one is genetically related or not. For me, this was a reminder that when hearts are open love rushes in.This is what I’m thinking about this beautiful Sunday morning.

Happy Thanksgiving To You!

So much prepping, so little time! Both refrigerators have been thoroughly cleaned, organized and are re-stocked. The boys’ beds have been made and are awaiting their arrival late Wednesday night. Crystal and silver are shining and individual pumpkin tureens wait for their proper placement for Thursday’s dinner. The linens needed will be ironed today with back up ready for another dinner on Saturday. My intention was to post more appetizers last week but blogging just got pushed down further on… [Read More]

Thought For The Day

Why is it you can hit every red light in town but when you’re planning on putting lipstick on while you’re stopped you hit every green one?