Kate Spade Sample Sale TODAY!!

Please find a good home for her so I don’t have to. I am weakening… fast. Westbury Drawstring Opus $395  $199 ($5 shipping)

The Evolution Of My Organized Life Through Desk Calendars

I love desk calendars and organizers and I believe a choice of one can be very insightful to where we are in our lives. My first one was the Sierra Club Engagement Calendar week-at-a-glance. ($13.95) I was young and green. Every week was an inspiring, beautiful picture. There were some off years that weren’t note worthy.I was in the ad business and proving myself. A Day Timer here, a Filofax there. Very professional. Very official. Very boring. Soon thereafter I… [Read More]

Bravo Mad Men!

Finally! The pay off I’ve been waiting for all season!Don Drapper in tears and coming clean to Bets.Roger remaining faithful to his wife.Joan hitting her husband over the head with the vase and the hope of him shipping off to Vietnam.Where Is Love from Oliver! (which is playing on my sidebar today)“And who are you supposed to be?” It’s almost too much to ask for in one night! I’m worried Pam Ewing is going to wake up. “Where Is Love”… [Read More]

“You Look Beautiful, No, No Really.”

My sorority sister once told me of a guy who was hitting on her and uttered the titled phrase in a thick foreign accent in one complete sentence and breath. Insincerity was never so charming. It became a catch phrase between us. I’ve found some products that sincerely can have an impact on beauty.Yes, yes, really! Origins A Perfect World Facial Cleanser – antioxidant with white tea I came across this line as I was looking for Dr. Andrew Weil’s… [Read More]

The World Is My Oyster.

Pearls. I love ’em! Phlox Flats Escutcheon Bracelet Bubble Bath Bangle Kate Spade Bow & Faux Pearl Bracelet A coinkydink that they are my birthstone? I think not!