New Things I Love!

I was having a good hair and face day yesterday so I went to the mall and of course saw no one I knew. Figures. I raided the M.A.C counter and ventured for something new for me. My new loves ~‘Pro Longwear’ Lip stain Marker in Runway Ripened (pictured). Think felt tipped marker for your lips.I was surprised how much I liked this. Did not feather and gave a pretty color even as it wore off. I paired it with… [Read More]

More Things I Love!

I love products that deliver what they say they will.Here are some that do ~ LipFusion XL ($50)It’s a night time treatment that works on a molecular level that rehydrates and plumps your lips. It’s clear and it tingles. I go to bed with this on and wake up with a perfect pout. I can actually see a difference in the morning when I put on my lipstick and/or gloss. You can also use it during the day as a… [Read More]

Things I Love!

Kate Spade+ Lilly Pulitzer = (click on photos for information)

Kate Spade iPhone Cover

*gasp!*Kate Spade iPhone Cover$40, free shipping So cute!If I only had an iPhone.*sigh*

Channeling January Jones

Some people just do sunglasses well. January Jones is one of them. Whether as Betty… or herself… In Moscot VildaGQ In Oliver PeoplesShe always looks classic and timeless. I have a love affair with sunglasses and own way too many. I have always been drawn to the classic Wayfarer look but they were too masculine and big for me until…this season Ray-Ban made a smaller version. I found mine at Nordstrom. Black on black. Love them.They come in a variety… [Read More]

Dazzling and Divine!

I cannot tell you how spectacular, substantial and stunning this CZ cuff is! And yesterday it became mine! Thought perhaps you’d want it to be yours too! Truly dazzling & going fast! HSN ~ Couture Jewelry by Adrienne 229.90ct Diamonite CZ “Opera” 7-1/4″ Bangle Bracelet Item: 382-649 Regular price – $199.95 Sale price – $59.97 (70% off) “Twinkle In Her Eye” ~ Leanne Rimes

J. Crew

Because one new bracelet is never enough. This one is gorgeous. Trust me.$78 Have a sparkling weekend!I’m heading up the coast and plan on having one myself. 🙂 Ai No Corrida ~ Quincy Jones Don’t you just love ‘Q’? I do!

For The Love of Monograms

Pickard Monogram Williams-Sonoma I don’t need new china but I wouldn’t mind getting my “just dessert(s)” plates. I know. I don’t deserve them after that bad pun. Ahoy! A stowaway tear sheet from my treasure chest of wishful interiors. Tailored navy and white. Can’t you just feel the spray of the ocean on your face? Look familiar? The chair looks soooo much better with my monogram superimposed on it, don’t you think? Thank you Preppy Paper Girl! I love monograms… [Read More]

“Toe Tappin’ Tuesday Tunes” (I totally made that up)

The new Vampire Weekend CD comes out today.You can listen to it in its entirety here.And purchase it here.Makes for a happy Tuesday. I love their premiere album. Explicit lyrics and all. Enjoy! “M79” & “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” ~ Vampire Weekend

Come To Mama

Headed to South Coast Plaza today to visit the Henri Bendel store. Just window shopping. Really. I am weakening… fast. Good luck today on this Friday the 13th!