Nutty For Nautical

I’m desperately in need for some nautical retail therapy.I’ve sailed the seven seas of the internet for something new.

It’s spring, so time to check in with Stubbs and Wootton for whimsy.
They’ve dramatically changed their website design! Very nice.

Love the nautical looks they’ve got going on this season.

Pearl clusters. How did that get in there?
They found my Achilles’ heel. Shoe joke.

Imagine these Janna Conner bangles on your wrist just peeking out from the rolled up cuff on your crisp white cotton shirt.
Soft balmy sea breezes, optional.

I’ve already been thinking about summer and I’m not opposed to a stay-cation but with a slight change of scenery.
I’m craving a beach house if only for a week on Balboa Island.

Balboa is not for the claustrophobic as tiny 1920’s and 30’s bungalows mix with newly constructed multi-storied homes built on the bungalow lots. These homes line narrow one-way streets and have a quaint charm with banners and flags flying and are steps away from the harbor with a walking path that circles the island.

Have you thought about summer yet?
What are your plans?

Williams-Sonoma Specials

Feeling incomplete from my mall snafu on Friday and obsessively needing to try on the Steve Madden shoes with the zipper on the back of the heal, I went back and made a wrong turn into Williams-Sonoma. I say wrong turn only because I haven’t been there for a long time and I went there first and left with 2 heavy bags to cart around with me but it was worth it. They were doing something I have never seen… [Read More]

Tory Burch Gave Me A Wedgie!

I was tired of flats and being vertically challenged. So I bought what I thought might be my solution this season. I decided to take them out for their premier last night to a lovely party among my friends most of whom are taller than my 5’3″. I took them out of the box, admired them and slipped them on my feet and instantly enjoyed my higher elevation. I walked to my car in the garage. I stepped of out… [Read More]

Anchors Away!

Ahoy! Got my radar up for all things nautical lately. Thanks to Kate at Nautical By Nature who gave me the info that these shoes that I’ve been eying from Sperry’s ($60) were less expensive at dELias ($55.50)! What a good shopper you are! 🙂 Love these Sperry’s too for obvious pink and green worship.The reviews are great. Found at Nordstrom. “Eye eye, Capt’n”.Okay, that was really bad but how cute is this mascara from Tarte? Have a fabulous Thursday…. [Read More]

Tory Burch Shakes It Up

I’ve been up since 4:04 AM with our latest EQ. We have double doors into our bedroom and one side was fastened. The door started rattling in quick rhythms but other than this we didn’t feel any shaking. It was kind of strange. No damage or injuries but they are telling south landers to have shoes ready by the bed as this could be a precursor. I don’t, but I should. I was all set to share these new Tory… [Read More]

“All That Glitters… should be MINE!”

“Kate is out there, and I’m lovin’ it!” Gold Coast MaryAnn Why?Because I live on the Gold Coast of CA (well, inland a little, but just a tad) and I have a niece named Marianne. Pink Sparkly Shoes Why?Puhleese. An obvious trick question! Single Ball Earrings Why?Time Square’s got nothing on these babies!Happy New Year! Disco Fever Link Bracelet Why? A sparkly cuff. My true love.I cannot, should not, will not resist! What things do you have that make you… [Read More]

Stubbs & Wootton Fall/Winter 2009

Stubbs & Wootten Put on your pink & green needlepoint camis for covert preppy ops. Taking the dogs out for a walk. Boo! My favorite.

“Ponyskin? Naaaaaay!!!”

Part of my shopping success this weekend included these pretty pink patent shoes. They also match my pink patent Lilly bag perfectly although I’m not likely to pair them together but I could. I also bought a pair in a matte muted gold almost like a tarnished silver. I am loving the square toe. For $69.00, why not buy two? With my cropped white jeans I also bought this weekend? Lovin’ that too. In the Kate Spade store (I love… [Read More]


Just once I’d like to own a pair of CL red soled shoes. I really do love these. So Audrey. Even without the kitten heal. Perfect for the destination wedding this week. And speaking of Audrey, would you like to play a little game today? If you listen to “Une Very Stylish Fille” on the sidebar or on the video, can you tell which Audrey movie the lines are from and who said them?I’m not going to tell ~ yet…. [Read More]

Non-Verbal Cues

There are some days Stubbs & Wooten shoes can do the talking for you. “I put the grrrr in swinger, baby. Yeah.” “I would rather be here than at work.” “I’m as cute as a bug!” “Shopping? Not this paycheck.” Yep. There’s even a pair for one of those days(or weeks).So glad it’s Friday. Monday will be Week 3 of my“All Things Summer Give-Away”and we’ll be having some fun in the sun.PLUS, it is also my birthday week and I’ll… [Read More]