Espresso Martinis, Nachos and Tiaras!

Besides being a great potential blog name these goodies will be on the menu tonight as I venture over to a royal wedding party with the girls at 1 AM!

Coverage begins just after midnight Pacific time and we’re donning tiaras while pulling an all-nighter. The best in-house party favor is bringing out the collection of tiaras. Yes, tiaras! Even a replica of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation crown will be there which is a family heirloom of my friend’s mother. Isn’t that incredibly fabulous? I can’t wait to see it!

Party attire is PJ’s with our chosen tiaras as we sip our way to dawn!

I watched Charles’ and Diana’s wedding live 30 years ago so the tradition must continue!

Also, if you haven’t seen this T-Mobile advertisement of the royal wedding, do so, it’s jolly good fun. Enjoy!

How will you be watching the big event?