Cookies For The Congressman

I’m happy to be of service to my country.

Republican Elephant Decorated Cookies

If just to contribute to a Congressional staff’s retreat dinner’s dessert.
Republican Elephant Decorated Cookies
I wonder if the differences in Congress could be discussed more pleasantly over a plate of cookies and milk. Just a thought. 🙂

Pink Ribbon Wednesday!

With all the pretty pink ribbons this month I thought I’d add my own to the collection. Pink and green bubbles. So cheerful and effervescent.Cheers! hic! Wisps of pink clouds or tufts of cotton candy?They look as light as air. Bubbles that sparkle oh so pretty! Tres elegante!Wired moire taffeta grosgrain. Horizontal striped grosgrain.Turning preppy ribbon on it’s side. Not pink but… “Hello Gorgeous!”Wonderful any day of the week. All ribbon from May Arts.