Kate Spade iPhone Cover

*gasp!*Kate Spade iPhone Cover
$40, free shipping

So cute!
If I only had an iPhone.

Preppy Cheesecake!

Oh yum! Madras Cheesecake. By Isaac Mizrahi and Juniors

Flashback Friday!

I saw these on Parcel Post. The blog accompanies a stationery store in Venice, CA that I would love to visit one day. The west side of LA however is like a million miles away from Orange County. Not really actually, but there are no left turn lanes in LA with green arrows! What would I do?!? My nephew who lives in the heart of the city accuses me of not wanting to leave “The OC” for this reason alone.Maybe… [Read More]

Channeling January Jones

Some people just do sunglasses well. January Jones is one of them. Whether as Betty… or herself… In Moscot VildaGQ In Oliver PeoplesShe always looks classic and timeless. I have a love affair with sunglasses and own way too many. I have always been drawn to the classic Wayfarer look but they were too masculine and big for me until…this season Ray-Ban made a smaller version. I found mine at Nordstrom. Black on black. Love them.They come in a variety… [Read More]

Tory Burch Shakes It Up

I’ve been up since 4:04 AM with our latest EQ. We have double doors into our bedroom and one side was fastened. The door started rattling in quick rhythms but other than this we didn’t feel any shaking. It was kind of strange. No damage or injuries but they are telling south landers to have shoes ready by the bed as this could be a precursor. I don’t, but I should. I was all set to share these new Tory… [Read More]

Dazzling and Divine!

I cannot tell you how spectacular, substantial and stunning this CZ cuff is! And yesterday it became mine! Thought perhaps you’d want it to be yours too! Truly dazzling & going fast! HSN ~ Couture Jewelry by Adrienne 229.90ct Diamonite CZ “Opera” 7-1/4″ Bangle Bracelet Item: 382-649 Regular price – $199.95 Sale price – $59.97 (70% off) “Twinkle In Her Eye” ~ Leanne Rimes

What Is Catching Your Eye?

  Marc Jacobs paired with pink and green macaroons. Irresistible.Cosmetics with a cause. I’m gaga over this shade. M.A.C. Viva Glam VII benefits M.A.C. Aids Fund in Viva Glam Gaga. $14 Very Hollywood. Very Michael.Michael Kors for Estee Lauger in Bungalow Pink. $18 “Please officer, cuff me.”Michael Kors Rhodium Cuff $125 Everything looks better in rose colored glasses, if even just on the rims.Betsy Johnson Retro Leopard $65 Hope your outlook today is from rose colored glasses too! What is… [Read More]

Window Shopping For A Friday

It was a little rainy today and I’ve got the sniffles so I thought we could go window shopping together… Let’s go to Jack and Lulu. Every page is a pop of color and pulpy happiness. I must confess to a serious pulp fascination. For one of my ‘dream jobs’, I would own a stationery shoppe ~ with two ‘p’s! I know exactly where I would hang this monogrammed piece in my girlie lavendar office. I think it would go… [Read More]

KISS For Valentine’s Day

Keep It Simple Sweetheart…Fancy Flours. Love, love, love. Especially when I’m feeling a little lazy. Let them do the cutting. Let me eat cake. A cookie is a blank canvas. Stencil it! Feeling retro? Let your cookie be the Valentine card. *Wafer paper goes on top of the icing. If you’re not a baker, buy plain cookies in the market and a can of icing or spread royal icing on and let it dry for a hard cookie. No, the… [Read More]

Elsa Peretti Letter Pendants

Oh, how do I love thee? Tiffany silver. Lower case initials. $165 Start hinting now for … … and is it just me that has a problem with the Tiffany chain getting tangled in hair?The price of feeling fabulous. So worth it. “Moon River” ~ sung by, Audrey Hepburn