Partisan Cookie Decorator

Yep.  It’s true.  What can I say?  I confess.

Turns out I’m a partisan cookie decorator but hadn’t realized it until recently.

For the record, no one asked me to make Democratic donkeys,

but it got me thinking… if asked, would I?

Decorated Repubilcan Elephant Cookie


Even though my personal pachyderm cookie would feel comfortable sporting a couple of long ears on one or two issues it would still lean to the right.

However you might choose to decorate your cookie, decorate it and vote.

I’m ready for this election stuff to be over with so we can get back to our regularly scheduled program. 

How about you?  Is your oven bell ringing that you’re done too?

Cookies For The Congressman

Republican Elephant Decorated Cookies

I’m happy to be of service to my country. If just to contribute to a Congressional staff’s retreat dinner’s dessert. I wonder if the differences in Congress could be discussed more pleasantly over a plate of cookies and milk. Just a thought. 🙂