Come To Mama

Headed to South Coast Plaza today to visit the Henri Bendel store.
Just window shopping. Really.
I am weakening…


Good luck today on this Friday the 13th!

Kate Spade Sample Sale TODAY!!

Please find a good home for her so I don’t have to. I am weakening… fast. Westbury Drawstring Opus $395  $199 ($5 shipping)

“All That Glitters… should be MINE!”

“Kate is out there, and I’m lovin’ it!” Gold Coast MaryAnn Why?Because I live on the Gold Coast of CA (well, inland a little, but just a tad) and I have a niece named Marianne. Pink Sparkly Shoes Why?Puhleese. An obvious trick question! Single Ball Earrings Why?Time Square’s got nothing on these babies!Happy New Year! Disco Fever Link Bracelet Why? A sparkly cuff. My true love.I cannot, should not, will not resist! What things do you have that make you… [Read More]

Pink Ribbon Wednesday!

With all the pretty pink ribbons this month I thought I’d add my own to the collection. Pink and green bubbles. So cheerful and effervescent.Cheers! hic! Wisps of pink clouds or tufts of cotton candy?They look as light as air. Bubbles that sparkle oh so pretty! Tres elegante!Wired moire taffeta grosgrain. Horizontal striped grosgrain.Turning preppy ribbon on it’s side. Not pink but… “Hello Gorgeous!”Wonderful any day of the week. All ribbon from May Arts.

The PINK Plate Special…

“How many for the Pink Martini party, this evening, Miss?” I’ve rented the entire room just for us! I had a friend who once said our neighborhood was so obscenely decorated during Christmas it looked like Santa had thrown up. I guess you could say Cupid had the same digestive problem but I LOVED IT! How fabulous is this? This was taken during the morning but can you imagine how magic it is at night?? The Rose Parade meets The… [Read More]

Tote Bags, Pink Martinis and Procrastination.

I am preoccupied with escapism today ~anything to keep my thoughts off of son2 leaving home next weekend and the last of the list to pull together that I have been putting off. Procrastination. I do know one thing~I am finishing my day with one of these: Remember, if it’s pink and has a parasol in itit has got to be good! Pomegranate Martini 7 parts Citron Grey Goose Vodka3 parts Lemoncelloheavy splash of Pomegranate Juice Shake, shake, shake with… [Read More]

Be Still My Heart!

I saw this beauty yesterday in the LV store. It was calling my name – in French even!It was iridescent like the vinyl of a vintage car’s back seat just pleading with me to hop in and be bad. For close to $900 I couldn’t be that bad even for a bag. Ever. I found this knock off for $239 and although I know it doesn’t have that hypnotic allure of the real LV, I’d be happy to take her… [Read More]

“Mama Wants A Brand New Bag …”

I was sitting at the computer minding my own business and looky what came my way.Pink. Sparkly. Prada. Perfect. Love it. I am suddenly feeling so much better. “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag” – James Brown

Crisis Intervention

I must resist!Dooney & BourkeLarge Erica Bag $130 The kicker –It comes in pink & greenorgreen & pinkorwhat I call dual ”team” color combinations ANDhas a hot pink lining!!! I am weakening. Large Duffle – $148 Now the question is, what am I going to do with this information? Please, someone take one for the team and report back!! Go Team Pink & Green!!! Inspirational song: “Got My Mind Set On You” – George Harrison


Please excuse the alliteration but I have a penchant for pretty pink purses. My new Lilly tote came in and it is very nice. I don’t know if I love it though because it is very big. The print bag was a nice surprise. I am figuring the duo is a “two-fer” because I love the print as much as the shiny bright color. Here is a snap of the lining. Love it!I hadn’t even taken the tissue off the… [Read More]