Hell In A Handbasket vs. Handbags

My mother is turning over in her grave this morning.
Jerry Brown is Governor once again. For the third time actually. My mom being Catholic believed the Jesuits would never kick anyone out of the order but she believed they kicked out Jerry Brown. I can’t understand his victory but as my wise friend said, the people that put him in office weren’t born when he was Governor or they don’t remember. And Barbara ‘Don’t Call Me Ma’am’ Boxer is an embarrassment and I felt was very disrespectful to our military.

I am very happy however the marijuana initiative did not pass as if our state’s reputation needed further nutty fodder. I won’t even go into the can of worms that would have opened. I read today they are going to try again in 2012.
What is wrong with people?

This state is going to hell in a handbasket.

I needed to make sense out of the world today.
I went to my safe haven.
Nordstrom online. Handbags. Not Handbaskets.

Longchamp ‘Victoire’ Tote

It just calls for a Dick Francis novel to be tucked inside, don’t you think?

Intrigued with the new Kate.
Stars and felt. Very wintery. It’s going to be 96 here today.
Something else that doesn’t make sense.

My compass rose. The Pink Handbag.
Reminding me, tomorrow is another day.