Free PicMonkey “Sweet Treats and Delicious Eats for the Holidays” eCookBook Download

I’ve got a special link for you today.  I was asked to participate in PicMonkey’s holiday’s treat eCookBook along with other baking bloggers.  As I was looking through it last night, I wanted to try darned near every recipe printed!  You’ll find many tasty treats with links to the participants’ blogs.  So fun to visit new sites and introduce oneself.

Click on eCookBook cover below to be taken over to the PicMonkey Facebook page where you can download the cook book for free.  Enjoy!


‘Smile’ For Camera Cookies!

camera cookies

  Food photography has become a big component of blogging where recipes and techniques are shared and since I’m taking so many pictures to document my cookie making and decorating I’ve needed to find resources to help me improve.I’ve been very fortunate to find two exceptionally talented women in this field. The first is Amanda Padgett who runs Everyday Elements. She’s incredibly savvy at photography and Photo Shop Elements (PSE) and offers online workshops, tutorial videos and so much more…. [Read More]

My Personal Rainbow

  I wanted to share with you my personal rainbow that I captured in Yellowstone. It appeared a few yards from us after we got stuck walking on the boardwalk during a lightening storm. No digital camera or Photoshop back then just an incredible moment that left me awestruck and feeling very lucky.Hope good luck finds you today!