The World Is My Oyster.


I love ’em!

Bubble Bath Bangle

Kate Spade Bow & Faux Pearl Bracelet

A coinkydink that they are my birthstone?

I think not!

23 Days And Counting…

It’s time to think about what I’d like for my Birthday next month. Fantasizing that my budget is unlimited is the best part. Don’t we all love to do this? If Mr. Pink Martini ever read my blog he would find many ideas to surprise me with and since gift buying is not a particularly strong suit of his I have made it very easy for him. Key: * = Easily Obtainable. No brainer. ** = The ‘wow’ factor would… [Read More]

“If The World Is My Oyster,….

… I wish it included this.” “I’ll take two!”Tiffany Oyster Charm18K gold – $850 Oyster wishing music: “Sitting on the dock of the bay” – Otis Reading

“Charmed, I’m Shuwa.”

Kimmeron Designs Add a Charm – $45 Shoe Charm – $248 Sterling Palm – $65 New England Charm $265 Sterling Duckling – $85Little girl version – $45 Twilight Bracelet – $85 Pearls are a girl’s best friend….Pearls and white topaz – $85 Pearls and pink tourmaline $148 All photos link to the item’s webpage. Work that wrist, girlfriend!: “Semi-Charmed” – Third Eye Blind