Packaging Palooza Party Favors

To continue the Palooza Birthday Party Extravanga prep, my next step was to package the custom Jeanapalooza m&m’s in small cello bags but since I’m also making special decorated cookies for the party I wanted a different look for the m&m’s.  I found these little clear plastic 2 x 3 inch boxes at a cake decorating supply store for .45 each but they are also available on the web, sold in bulk for half the price.  I thought this might… [Read More]

Planning a Palooza

party planning sketch

Last year, as we gathered round our Thanksgiving table, we began making plans for the “Jeanapalooza 90th Birthday Party Extravaganza.”  This year, Thanksgiving at our house again will usher in the three day celebration. My incredible Mother-in-Love deserves a “palooza”.  At ninety she is computer savvy, drives, teaches knitting and meets her friends for wine time. And the party?  Two days after Thanksgiving… our house…for forty. I always begin party planning with decorations in mind because I find it the… [Read More]

Party at The White House

l’m sharing some photos my friend sent from the party she and her husband attended at the White House. Everything looked beautiful. Thank you, Lady Kate for sharing them with us! So fun to see how others entertain “at home.” The prettiest room, don’t you think? Simply decorated cookies and a nice presentation of the strawberries and blackberries. Very interesting arrangement. Love this! I bet the stars were heavenly! Using the fuzzy back of magnolia leaves on the garland. “Santa”… [Read More]

Combining Holiday Decorations On Your Stairs Saves Time, Energy and Calories

I’ve gotten quite a few search referrals on decorating the stairs for the holidays so I’ve edited a post from last year that gives a great idea to make it easy for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Have you ever thought about how to simplify Christmas decorating when just coming off of the whirlwind of Thanksgiving entertaining? My normal routine after having hosted Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings the day before is to crash the morning after. My breakfast will… [Read More]

Mini Cupcake Spiral Tower (Autumn, Fall)

Mini chocolate cupcakes decorated with over-sized dragees and fall themed fondant cut-outs literally reached new heights in my kitchen for a fall open house party this past weekend. We’ll get ‘up close and personal’ so I can show how you how I made this. It’s not as complicated as it looks. Trust me. They’re just a bunch of little ol’ chocolate cupcakes dressed up all fancy like. The number of cupcakes needed depends on the size styrofoam cone that is… [Read More]

Hosting Your Own Backyard Movie Night

A few years ago we hosted a backyard movie night for the high school marching band. With over 80 teenagers the evening was a lot of fun and something I always wanted to do again for our family and friends. Not knowing what we needed back then we rented the equipment for the night which included an inflatable screen, speakers and a projector. The menu for the night was pure concession stand nostalgia: hotdogs in paper boats, boxed candy, soda… [Read More]

Remembering the 4th of July on the 8th

paper lanterns in the trees

We gathered for a happy, relaxed time together. The lanterns and bunting were hung in place. Party favors for everyone! The vintage mid-century bottle opener was also invited to the party. It was tied onto the drink tub with a festive ribbon. Several croquet games ensued. There were some very impressive wicked wicket shots and who knew croquet could become a contact sport! And of course there were plenty of frozen red, white and blue daiquiris. I thank my lucky… [Read More]

Jennifer’s Wedding

wedding cookies favors bridal shower cookies

It was a lovely day.The day before I had finished making 140 wedding cookies for my niece, but you might have already known that. On Saturday, as we were leaving for the ceremony, I received a call from the father of the bride. “Where are you?” Three little words at the beginning of a conversation that always makes your heart beat faster.Seems the florist came and left before the bakery dropped off the cake so there was no one to… [Read More]

“Everything’s Ducky” Chocolate Ducks

chocolate ducks

  Since I’ve finished all my decorated Easter cookies I thought I’d turn to molded chocolate today. Candy coating, as it’s technically referred to, comes in all different colors and flavors but let’s call it chocolate.I melted the wafers in a small Pyrex dish on high for 1 minute in the microwave. Stir to melt all pieces. Heating to remelt the mixture after it cools, took 10 seconds. Tip: If you’re making a lot of molded pieces I recommend placing… [Read More]

Bridal Shower ‘Tushie Cookies’!

bridal shower tushie cookies

I can hardly believe I am saying this especially after my Granny Panties post last Friday, but I was totally inspired to make these cookies by the bridal “I Do” thong I gave my niece for one of her shower gifts this past weekend.   These aren’t your mama’s bridal shower cookies but they sure got a lot of laughs and attention! I made a few just for fun. I wrapped them up and told Jennifer, the bride, I made… [Read More]