Are You A Mac or A PC?

Mr. P. M. and I were at the mall in the new Microsoft store. There are only 2 in the U.S. As far as I know, they may also be the only two in the galaxy. Why one happens to be in my mall, I couldn’t guess. I would think Mission Viejo would be way down on the list of cosmopolitan places they could have chosen. I would love to see the research on this decision.Anyway, I have been looking at replacing my laptop since it was going to cost me $400 to send it in to fix. We must have spent an hour talking to this 19 year old boy who I doubt has yet to have a whisker appear on his face but he knew everything. I looked around. Every ‘expert’ looked liked him and all the customers with confusion on their faces looked liked us. I wonder if they ask these wunderkinds if they’ve had geriatric experience and are patient with the techno-challenged.

It was the first time I went into a store thinking, ‘Oh good, I got the young kid.’

I’m still undecided but I’m afraid I’m going to start dreaming in black and white if I don’t bite the $1500+ bullet and buy something.

So what are you and what do you recommend?
A Mac or a PC?

The 180 Billion Dollar K Run

This is how I felt after listening to the AIG Congressional hearings today.I happened to turn them on before heading out. At first I could not tear myself away but there came a point I decided I could not make it to the finish line.I am frustrated.I am angry.I am exhausted.If I wasn’t feeling all these things I would actually be encouraged by the non-partisan collective of those on the committee. Recently a friend shared with me her mixed feelings… [Read More]