Boston Here We Come

“Boston, here we come”!

We’re off for some serious tassel tossin’ and ‘woohoo-ing’!

See you all when we get back! 🙂


A Name So Sweet

While I was in the waiting room today there was a mom with her high school son who was waiting for a physical. The mom began to question the receptionist as to the dates of when the last time the son had some shots or whatever. The boy apparently had had enough and said,“Maaawm!” There is something about that long drawn out vowel sound in our names that says, ‘you do not have a brain’ or ‘I am so embarrassed’… [Read More]

Birthday Trees

birthday trees

Do you remember when you were very small you would ask me “When is my birthday?” We could have made marks on the calendar but I wanted to give you something to take with you as you grew into your life. We opened the door to the backyard and stepped outside. I held you as your little arms wrapped around my neck. ‘Look up,’ I said. ‘Those are your birthday trees and they will always tell you when your birthday… [Read More]

The Bookshelf

  January   is a confirming time for me but not without discomfort.   I feel exposed and bare. The sun is harsh with fewer leaves to shade, protect, and hide but the month beckons a resolute beginning while appearing fallow.   As I dust the bookshelf that held an abundance of votives this past holiday, I hold the last photo we took as a family just days before my mom suddenly left us on a New Year’s Day. I… [Read More]

My Joe Wilson Moment

The incident with Joe Wilson brought to mind my own moment of disclosure from years of calculated deceit. It involved a loaf of bread. When my boys were very young and I hadn’t gotten to the store to buy another loaf which was running low for the PB & J sandwiches and knowing no one liked to eat the heals of the bread I concocted a story. I told them it was the baker’s piece and it was so special… [Read More]

Heather & Will’s Wedding Weekend.

The rehearsal. The bride entered from behind these doors in Vera Wang less than 24 hours from this moment.A place for everyone… … and everyone in their place. As the rehearsal was under way, son2 and I were just finishing hanging the rosettes. Mr. P. Martini came just in time to supervise the job and take the luggage to the Westin since my car was full of decorations when I left in the morning. L.L. Bean tote bag, paper cutter,… [Read More]

Destination: Wedding Report

  My nephew’s wedding was beautiful. It was at the Edna Vineyards on the central coast of California. It was a true destination wedding as everyone had to travel to attend. The bride is a graduate of a university nearby and had always wished to be married there. This was one of many wishes that came true for her this day.We begin the day before for the rehearsal and the arrival of guests. A house was rented for the groomsmen… [Read More]

SoCal ‘June Gloom’

Not in my backyard! Even though California is known for it’s ‘June Gloom’ where we have a thick marine layer that hangs in there all day near the coast and the inland valleys things were bright and cheery in our backyard this weekend without our normal sunshine.We started with a trip to a local nursery in San Juan Capistrano and purchased dozens of flats of color. ‘Color’ is the term used in the trade for seasonal annual flowering plants but… [Read More]

The Seer.

Sometimes we are just too close to a situation to be objective. This is a time when we need to seek the assistance of someone who is gifted and has the ability to see into the future. This is when I call my friend who is a seer. My dear, dear friend Suzi whom I have mentioned before is this person for me. This is just one of her many talents in the astral plane of the shopping world. She… [Read More]

Lunch With The Lady

I had a lovely day with Lady Kate. Lady Kate was my room mate in college in the sorority house. She was, and still is, a morning person and I was…uh…not. She would throw open the curtains in the morning and chirp, “Good Morning”. I hated that. I talked on the phone until late at night and would pull the cord into the hallway to try to be quiet but I wasn’t too successful. She hated that. We never quarreled… [Read More]