John Williams. Composer Extraordinaire.

Haunting. Memorable. His music is inspiring to me. When I saw the 4th movie (Patrick Doyle, composer), and the 5th (Nicolas Hooper, composer) in the Harry Potter series I knew there was something missing. For me it was in the music. This greatly affected my experience. I wasn’t brought into the story as emotionally involved as I had been before. This was such a disappointment to me. Nicolas Hooper has written the score for the second time.His reviews are in:… [Read More]


Just once I’d like to own a pair of CL red soled shoes. I really do love these. So Audrey. Even without the kitten heal. Perfect for the destination wedding this week. And speaking of Audrey, would you like to play a little game today? If you listen to “Une Very Stylish Fille” on the sidebar or on the video, can you tell which Audrey movie the lines are from and who said them?I’m not going to tell ~ yet…. [Read More]

“One Lump Or Two?”

High tea.Those two simple words evoke visions of crisp white linens, a bud vase with a single perfect bloom, gleaming silver, the aroma of warm, sweet cream scones accompanied by a pool of ruby hued preserves and fluffy clouds of Devonshire cream.Oh yes, and tea. When the little bundle of joy has arrived.An invitation to a “Sip & See Party”. For those of us who prefer to take tea whilst we oogle.“Thank you, you have been such a lovely hostess…. [Read More]