Monday Night


Mr. PM needs to be in the dog house more often.

Actually he wasn’t in trouble, he’s just being a sweetheart.

I was going to post tonight on cookies but now I think I’ve got other plans. 😉

See you tomorrow.

New York

Everything I learned about NYC, I learned on the Grey Line tour bus. You’re invited to ride along. Times Square.Because the NY Times was located in the building behind ‘the ball’ at the intersection.Like Vegas only more squooshed.Been there. Done that. Don’t need to do it again. Uptown.Not a location per se, but a direction.If you are going anywhere north on Manhattan it is considered ‘uptown’.Going south? It’s ‘downtown’. “Up. Down. Cross. Town”.I give it a 10. It has a… [Read More]

Our Honeymoon in New England.

Three weeks of total abandoned bliss. Leaf peepers extraordinaire. Covered bridge hunters. Newlyweds. Need I say more? The Arlington Inn ~ VermontWe have very few pics of us taken together since we were mostly out driving around seeing the sites and not many people could focus my real deal camera.I had a cold here. Hence the red nose. You say ‘antihistamines with an alcohol chaser’ like it’s a bad thing. I used my wiley womanly ways to force him to… [Read More]

Our Wedding .

Twenty six years ago today I became your bride and you,my husband. What was a beautiful friendship for nine years became a walk down the aisle on this day. With the dawn of October 8, 1983 came a soft rain and grey skies. I thought of the saying, “Happy is the bride the sun shines upon.” I was worried there was no sun to shine on me and this was an inauspicious omen. At 4 o’clock the stained glassed windows… [Read More]

“To Cheat or Not To Cheat….”

Have you ever wondered if your husband was having an affair? Years ago a friend of mine found out her husband had made reservations in Vegas by the credit card company’s fraud protection department calling the house and asking if anyone had recently used the card since the account had been dormant. ‘Bob’ changed his reservations from Vegas to a local Marriott Residence for several weeks thereafter before groveling his way back home. Then there was ‘N’ who was dutifully… [Read More]

23 Days And Counting…

It’s time to think about what I’d like for my Birthday next month. Fantasizing that my budget is unlimited is the best part. Don’t we all love to do this? If Mr. Pink Martini ever read my blog he would find many ideas to surprise me with and since gift buying is not a particularly strong suit of his I have made it very easy for him. Key: * = Easily Obtainable. No brainer. ** = The ‘wow’ factor would… [Read More]

Shots of Color Commentary

Last night while son2 took a break from finals and studying for AP’s and went to the movies to see Wolverine with some friends, Mr. P. Martini and I decided to try out a new sports bar in Ladera Ranch. I am not a sports bar kinda gal but I am an exceedingly good sport. While the choice of viewing entertainment was extensive with Dodgers and Angels games (one was almost rained out in the new Yankee stadium although I… [Read More]