The Only Emmy Re-Cap That Matters

I didn’t watch the Emmys.But I read today that Jon Hamm’s fly was down for the entire opening number.

Dang! I missed the best Emmys ever!


“Mad Men” Cookies, Quiz and *GIVE-AWAY*

mad men decorated cookies

Mad Men Decorated Cookies  “What do Mad Men episodes and cookies have in common?”One is never enough!!! I’m celebrating the premier of season 4 with a cookie-related Give-Away! But first… take the “The Mad Men Cookie Quiz” just for fun. 🙂 Can you guess which character goes with the cookie? (There might be some slight overlap but one character ‘owns’ the cookie.) 1.a. Bertram Cooper b. Donald Draper c. Roger Sterling 2. a. Peggy Olsen b. Helen Bishop c. Joan… [Read More]

My Sweet Honeybaked Hamm….

Never mess with perfection.Never. Ever. … and if you need a second helping of Hamm on your plate this weekend….. The three season’s soundtracks are awesome. Leaving you with a pleasant thought for the weekend. 🙂Have a good one, my friends. Music tracks from Season 1 “Babylon” and “Lipstick”~ David Carbonara

Bravo Mad Men!

Finally! The pay off I’ve been waiting for all season!Don Drapper in tears and coming clean to Bets.Roger remaining faithful to his wife.Joan hitting her husband over the head with the vase and the hope of him shipping off to Vietnam.Where Is Love from Oliver! (which is playing on my sidebar today)“And who are you supposed to be?” It’s almost too much to ask for in one night! I’m worried Pam Ewing is going to wake up. “Where Is Love”… [Read More]

Mad Men?

Is it just me or is anyone else left lukewarm with Mad Men this season?I forgave the season premier as I allowed for the catch up of the summer. For instance, we already knew Don Draper’s (D.D.) illustrious background. It did nothing for the story line, in my opinion, to know how he was named ‘Dick’. The first episode ran the gamut from boring to almost pornographic but it still did not hold my attention. The story lines seem disjointed… [Read More]