My Cup Runneth Over With Love

I’d say, “I do.  I do.” all over again.

28th anniversary

Happy 28th wedding anniversary to the love of my life.


It’s such a beautiful morning here it’s almost possible to put aside the images of what I’ve seen in the news this week from the south and mid-west. But I can’t. I think of the thousands of people personally affected that are literally without a roof over their heads. I can’t imagine the terror they felt in prayer asking for protection for themselves and for those they loved to emerge just minutes later, elated with their lives, followed by instant… [Read More]

Monday Night

Dang. Mr. PM needs to be in the dog house more often. Actually he wasn’t in trouble, he’s just being a sweetheart. I was going to post tonight on cookies but now I think I’ve got other plans. 😉 See you tomorrow.

My Green Flash List

Tomorrow completes spring break for us.College Boy1 has already left and College Boy2 leaves tomorrow. The day before they leave is the hardest for me. I tend to sulk internally knowing what is coming. This past week everything was as it should have been, selfishly, for me. There were home cooked meals around the kitchen table, dinner at the sushi bar where the owner/chef was happy to see us walk in all together, the ironing board made one of its… [Read More]

Birthday Trees

birthday trees

Do you remember when you were very small you would ask me “When is my birthday?” We could have made marks on the calendar but I wanted to give you something to take with you as you grew into your life. We opened the door to the backyard and stepped outside. I held you as your little arms wrapped around my neck. ‘Look up,’ I said. ‘Those are your birthday trees and they will always tell you when your birthday… [Read More]

Our Honeymoon in New England.

Three weeks of total abandoned bliss. Leaf peepers extraordinaire. Covered bridge hunters. Newlyweds. Need I say more? The Arlington Inn ~ VermontWe have very few pics of us taken together since we were mostly out driving around seeing the sites and not many people could focus my real deal camera.I had a cold here. Hence the red nose. You say ‘antihistamines with an alcohol chaser’ like it’s a bad thing. I used my wiley womanly ways to force him to… [Read More]

Our Wedding .

Twenty six years ago today I became your bride and you,my husband. What was a beautiful friendship for nine years became a walk down the aisle on this day. With the dawn of October 8, 1983 came a soft rain and grey skies. I thought of the saying, “Happy is the bride the sun shines upon.” I was worried there was no sun to shine on me and this was an inauspicious omen. At 4 o’clock the stained glassed windows… [Read More]

The PINK Plate Special…

“How many for the Pink Martini party, this evening, Miss?” I’ve rented the entire room just for us! I had a friend who once said our neighborhood was so obscenely decorated during Christmas it looked like Santa had thrown up. I guess you could say Cupid had the same digestive problem but I LOVED IT! How fabulous is this? This was taken during the morning but can you imagine how magic it is at night?? The Rose Parade meets The… [Read More]

The Homecoming.

I am flying this weekend to New York state with son2 for a college visit to meet with advisors, etc. If the emotions of a college trip aren’t enough, I am filled with a sense of panic since Mr. P. Martini is unable to go and I have to be the grown-up. Never mind I will be traveling with an 18 year-old male who will be living on his own shortly because this does not count to a mother.  … [Read More]

“What You Won’t Do For Love….”

“Make me do for love what I would not do.” – Bobby CaldwellNephew and fiancee.I am personally so loving this.