A Formula To Help Set Priorities in Life

A very wise woman shared this with me yesterday as I was waffling some options in life:

365 days x 80 years (for the sake of longevity reference) = 29,200 Days available from birth

365 days x 56 (use your current age) = 20,440 Days used (gasp!)

29,200 (days available from birth) – 20,440 (days used) = 8760 Days remaining (hopefully healthy and productive)

When it’s laid out in front of us in numbers sometimes it becomes clearer.

Does it make you think, what is truly important to me?  Who is truly important to me?

What am I waiting for?  What have I let seep through the cracks?

Sometimes it’s the seemingly small stuff like this calculation that can help reset one’s compass.

Wishing you a peaceful weekend.  See you on Monday!  xoxo

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