When One Small Classic Croc Apparently Isn’t Nearly Enough

When did the classic subtleties of this…
morph into this…
to ultimately become this…
An 8 croc orgy of highly ostentatious style and taste.
Yours, for a feeding frenzy on the wallet at $165.

Pretty In Pink.

Or black, brown, red or white. New arrival. $165 And Monday will be time for thesecond out of 4 give-aways for Juneand the posting of the winner for this week’s philosophy gift.Check back bright and early!Have a great weekend. “Time Is On My Side” – The Rolling Stones

The Crocodile Says….

…it’s time to spring ahead… …and put your best foot forward. Keep your head in the game……and your eye on the prize. And before you know it…spring?It’s in the bag! All the photos link to the item’s webpage. Shop till you drop song… what else? “Crocodile Rock” – Elton John