Stuck On You…

As I was clicking around on Etsy I found these lovely stickers, etc. They are all by LittleBeanBoutique. I found some clever ideas that I thought I would share and since they were new to me perhaps they will be to you too. 🙂
The pictures link to the item’s webpage.

No question about this one. It’s in the shopping cart.
Perfect for the non-decorated chocolate chip cookies in the cello bag.
Just fold the bag over and place the label.
With my monicker it will look even sweeter!

What? Did you hear that?
I distinctly heard it call my name.

I think this one is my favorite:
Did I mention these designs can be made into labels, tags or seals?How cute would these bunny labels look on a bag of orange jellybeans with a kelly green grosgrain ribbon tied around the bag like the picture below.

For a simple wrap presentation on a solid colored package, pop on a sticker and you’re out the door and headed to the par-tay!
Some fun bookplates:
I’m ordering these for a friend of mine who is always wondering who borrowed her books.
Hers will be black and white.
I could go on and on….