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Kuhn Rikon Pink and Black Dot Paring Knife

Sur la Table – also available in store

Raspberry Ice KitchenAid Stand Mixer

I have 3 KitchenAid stand mixers.Don’t hate me because I’m certainly culinary-appliance spoiled. I’d be adding the Williams-Sonoma Susan G. Komen edition stand mixer if I hadn’t received a Pro 600 series model for Mother’s Day this year.I now have 575 watts of marvelous with a 6 quart capacity sitting on my counter and we’re still making friends but my head has been turned by this beauty ~ “Hello Gorgeous!” It’s the Raspberry Ice Artisan, 5 quart, 325 watt.Perfect for… [Read More]

Refrigerator Envy Ina Garten Style

Last fall I was seduced by Ina Garten’s refrigerator. It had been coming on for a long time. Everytime she opened the door of her side-by-side it was a tease. After midnight one autumnal night leading up to Thanksgiving I weakened and succumbed to what I had been envying for so long … organizational nirvana . There they were – statuesque opaque quart sized containers, all matching, lids locked in place, stackable, reusable. It doesn’t get much better than this,… [Read More]