Kate Spade Sample Sale TODAY!!

Please find a good home for her so I don’t have to. I am weakening… fast. Westbury Drawstring Opus $395  $199 ($5 shipping)

“All That Glitters… should be MINE!”

“Kate is out there, and I’m lovin’ it!” Gold Coast MaryAnn Why?Because I live on the Gold Coast of CA (well, inland a little, but just a tad) and I have a niece named Marianne. Pink Sparkly Shoes Why?Puhleese. An obvious trick question! Single Ball Earrings Why?Time Square’s got nothing on these babies!Happy New Year! Disco Fever Link Bracelet Why? A sparkly cuff. My true love.I cannot, should not, will not resist! What things do you have that make you… [Read More]

The Evolution Of My Organized Life Through Desk Calendars

I love desk calendars and organizers and I believe a choice of one can be very insightful to where we are in our lives. My first one was the Sierra Club Engagement Calendar week-at-a-glance. ($13.95) I was young and green. Every week was an inspiring, beautiful picture. There were some off years that weren’t note worthy.I was in the ad business and proving myself. A Day Timer here, a Filofax there. Very professional. Very official. Very boring. Soon thereafter I… [Read More]

“Ponyskin? Naaaaaay!!!”

Part of my shopping success this weekend included these pretty pink patent shoes. They also match my pink patent Lilly bag perfectly although I’m not likely to pair them together but I could. I also bought a pair in a matte muted gold almost like a tarnished silver. I am loving the square toe. For $69.00, why not buy two? With my cropped white jeans I also bought this weekend? Lovin’ that too. In the Kate Spade store (I love… [Read More]

How Could I Resist?

After all our celebrations last week I have been in an ‘after-parties-let-down funk’ and have resorted to eating mass quantities of dark chocolate and chips and salsa as college boy returned to Boston and the new graduate headed for the hills with his gf’s family to camp. Suddenly, I was faced with my first real taste of the empty nest. I hated it. To trade one vice for the other I crossed over to the dark side of retail therapy… [Read More]

“Here’s to Kate.”

I love vintage cocktail paraphernalia and although these are not vintage they give just the look for a classic cocktail party that I would be looking for. Kate Spade Vintage Cocktail Invitations, $25~ hand engraved~ set of 15~ silver and gold lined envelopes~ please invite responsibly.

Be Still My Heart!

I saw this beauty yesterday in the LV store. It was calling my name – in French even!It was iridescent like the vinyl of a vintage car’s back seat just pleading with me to hop in and be bad. For close to $900 I couldn’t be that bad even for a bag. Ever. I found this knock off for $239 and although I know it doesn’t have that hypnotic allure of the real LV, I’d be happy to take her… [Read More]

The Kate Spade Cocktail

Start with…4 maraschino cherries, stems on4 green stuffed olives on picks2 lemon wedges2 lime slicesAdd a twist of 1 orange and a zest for life. Don’t forget the cocktail umbrellas!(must include at least 1 pink, naturally)…… and serve with a dash of Lilly, of your choice.It’s 151 proof that summer is just a shake away. ‘Blended, please’: “Lime In The Coconut” – Harry Nilsson

Kate Spade Has Earned Her Stripes This Spring…

Vanna Espadrille Skimmer“Step lively, my ladies, and welcome aboard”!Portlans Constantine Handheld Clutch“Let’s run it up the mast and see who salutes it”. Jane Reader Shades“Oh steward, I’ll have another”! Awning Stripe Correspondence Cards“Ship shape and full steam ahead for the social season”. Haig Point Kei Canvas Tote “For all your buried treasure”. start with this… Yikes! We loves those stripes! All photos (except gum) link to the item’s webpage. Take those nautical stripes out for a sail: “Beyond the Sea”… [Read More]