On Tap This Week…

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. The Spirit of Christmas Present will be very busy this week in the PM&P’s household as I’m sure it will be in yours. For my posts this week I’ll have 4 delicious recipes with one being a hot coffee libation for the December Cocktails of The Month to serve on Christmas Eve and day and a preview of my New Year’s Eve Decorated Cookies if I can get my act together and… [Read More]

Hunks of Gingerbread

  My version of a gingerbread man… And for my close friends with whom I share pink martinis, gossip and a good laugh… Original designs. 🙂

Cookies and Cocktails

I’m so excited to add a couple new features to my blog. Decorative Cookies of The MonthandCocktail of The Month I will feature a post on each one then have a link to the post over on my sidebar. If you’ve been following me for awhile you probably know that I like to make decorated cookies. They are a creative outlet for me and I like giving them away.I hope you’ll enjoy seeing what I come up with. It’ll be… [Read More]

What Were The Target Buyers Thinking?

Men’s Boxers Special music today for this little nugget… “Squirrel Nut Zippers” sorry, I could not resist. my sophomoric humor runs amok~ 😉

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

Brazilian RhythmsJazz Songs sung in Portuguese Herb Alpert Lani Hall All under one roof.Tonight.I am so excited!Thank you, Santa. “The Christmas Song ~ Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66

The 12 Days Of Christmas On Your Doorstep

A couple years ago nightly elves brought to our doorstep something every day for the 12 Days of Christmas. I quickly caught on by the second night what the theme was and looked forward to every morning with absolute delight. I can’t remember every gift but I do recall a bowl of seven goldfish for the seven swans-a-swimming and the three Frenches hens were frozen Cornish game hens. It was all very creative. Of course, I had to stay up… [Read More]

Welcome To My Virtual Summer Vacation…

“… and I just know we’ll have a good time”. No, my first name ain’t baby. It’s Pink ~ Mrs. Martini if you’re nasty. Jeez, Lady Kate, if you knew your JJ songs you would recognize the above reference to her early 80’s hit ‘Nasty’ where she says – ‘No, my first name ain’t baby. It’s Janet. Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty.’ I know you remember the 80’s although I was a mere child! Admit it! 🙂 Talk to you… [Read More]

Crab Season.

If your man is going to wear critters this summer…. Please, wear these … Not these! I don’t know about you but this reminds me of a subtle PSA in middle school. Theme to Deadliest Catch – “Wanted Dead or Alive” – Bon Jovi

“Come Fly With Me” Week 4 Give-Away

“Buckle up and put your trays and seats in their upright position…” … because we are taking off for the final flight of “All Things Summer Give-Away!”We’re going to bring some color, style and fun to the ‘friendly skies.’ Once upon a time, travel was considered refined and exotic.People used to dress up to go places and it was special.Gentleman always donned a coat and tie and ladies were never seen without heels and a hat box. Perhaps our only… [Read More]

“One-Day-Only Birthday Give-Away”

Today is my birthday and I am celebrating because for the last 6 months I thought I was going to be a year older than I actually am! Unbelievable, yet true so I’m having a “Special One Day Only give-away“while I still remember I am having a birthday!!! Finding this blogging community has added so much sparkle to my life that I’d like to give you something that sparkles in return. I have been eying this crystal heart key chain… [Read More]