Just Icing On The … Wedding Cookie Favors!

Say hello to my little friends…initial wedding cookie favors

…and to 125 of their closest friends. Ta-da! Fini!initial wedding cookie favors
… and a HUGE Thank you to my wonderful friend and expert cello bag stuffer, Suzi who single handedly assembled the cookie favors for me over 2 nights with many, many hours devoted to this while I glued together the rosettes. This took us much longer than we had expected even with the ribbon already cut and most of the bags pre-stuffed with paper. I could not have finished this project tonight if it weren’t for you.

You are a super trooper!

“Super Trooper” – Abba

Wedding Cookies.

initial wedding cookie favors

The bride has a distinct vision of what she doesn’t want ~ ‘no bows, hearts or bells.’ ‘Nothing wedding-y.’ She envisions a party atmosphere casually and comfortably celebrating with those she loves. Her vivid colors of orange and yellow will be paired with round and square shapes that will be echoed in the cakes that will grace everyone’s table. Her highly talented aunt on the other side of the family has offered her gifts with icing and fondant. They will… [Read More]