It’s Always Sunny In…. Coto

When you think of SoCal do you think of mountains and green rolling hills? The green won’t be here for long so I’m really making a point of enjoying our spring weather. I’m very fortunate to live in a pretty location and I know I don’t always appreciate my surroundings as I’m driving in and out so I grabbed my camera yesterday and took some photos on my way out. One rule I adhered to was to take the photos from the car from the routes I usually take either coming or going.

One of the many Coto windmills.

The Saddleback mountains and the ‘old’ golf course with another windmill.

The ‘new’ course and golf club.

Always breathtaking.

And patriotic.

And there really are oranges in the OC.

I was hoping to see some colts or foals but it must be too early.

But I did see a couple of miniature horses.

Maybe one day they’ll play here.
Don’t quite understand a small dirt arena for polo, do you?


It wouldn’t be SoCal without prickly pear cactus too.

I knew I was drawn to the plant for a reason ~
Prickly Pear Margarita
And it’s pink!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 🙂


After dropping College Boy2 off at Union Station in Los Angeles, we drove around and I took some drive-by photos. I thought I’d share some things I found interesting. Union Station first… Union Station on Alameda, built in 1939.Sexy man in the yellow shirt, built in 1956. Dark woods, iron and art deco signs create a warm interior in an expansive setting.The old ticket concourse now sectioned off and silent.Can’t you just hear the clicking of heels of the 40’s… [Read More]

Christmas Around The Casa

2009 Snowflakes I adore silver dragees. The Eastern sun was shining through our banner reminding me of a stained glass window.   Silver dragees for each of my red doors. Pearls lights surround my entry mirror, pink and silver balls nestle in a bowl, crystal drips from frosty branches and candles warm my entry. Starting to set up my bar.  Very retro. HoHoHo…