The Holiday Blues

When you have lyrics like…

“I haven’t had a drink this evenin’ baby
But I’m all lit up like a Christmas tree”


“Gave me a diamond ring for Christmas
And now I’m living in paradise”

How can anyone possibly have the holiday blues?

B.B. is my featured music today. Enjoy.

“Merry Christmas, Baby” ~ B.B. King

Serving Up Some Thanksgiving Music

Because I am an ardent fan of most music genres (I draw the line at heavy metal) I am starting to think about what tunes I will be serving for Thanksgiving. I’ve put together some samples for you to taste. When guests arrive I like to have something upbeat and a sound they might be familiar with so I’m beginning with Vince Guaraldi. We all know Vince’s sound. To me, he is synonymous with autumn and Charlie Brown.I am playing… [Read More]