Be Still My Heart!

I saw this beauty yesterday in the LV store. It was calling my name – in French even!It was iridescent like the vinyl of a vintage car’s back seat just pleading with me to hop in and be bad. For close to $900 I couldn’t be that bad even for a bag. Ever. I found this knock off for $239 and although I know it doesn’t have that hypnotic allure of the real LV, I’d be happy to take her… [Read More]


“Daylight come and me wan’ go shoppin’,jah know sista?” Vera Bradley.Vera tropical. Island Collection “Banana Boat Song” – Harry Belafonte‘Come Mister Tally Man, tell me I have money’ (my version)

“Mama Wants A Brand New Bag …”

I was sitting at the computer minding my own business and looky what came my way.Pink. Sparkly. Prada. Perfect. Love it. I am suddenly feeling so much better. “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag” – James Brown

Lilly’s Bermuda Bags…Beautiful!

Back at the end of January I wrote a post regarding my love of Bermuda Bags. I was overjoyed when I found that was selling them as a pre-order set of three reversible covers and even more thrilled to see that they were Lilly’s Jubilee patterns! They finally arrived! First, I was amazed to find them packaged so beautifully in this bright pink box with a vinyl window. It reminded me of a doll box and was so pretty… [Read More]


Vera Bradley Spring 2009Perfectly pink? or… Freshly picked green? (S., show me yours, come on girlfriend… 🙂 )

Monogram Me!

I’ve always liked these monogrammed straw bags.Very cute and summery.Just add a colorful Lilly shift, sandals and walk out the door with confidence. …. and speaking of monograms… Fill ‘er up and toss the paper cup.Instant cheer in the morning! … and speaking of monograms and cups… I love Tervis cups!Being a cold drink aficionado and ice chewer (yes, my dentist and I have the on-going discussions about the evils of ice), I collect them as souvenirs on my travels… [Read More]

“Tagged! …… I’m it!”

Tres Tray Chic tagged me for a bag expose’.Thank you! At first I thought, “How exciting! My first tag!”Then I kind of panicked. I emailed my friend and said to her,“What if it’s like taking a peek inside a lingerie drawer expecting to find all Victoria’s Secrets and instead you find the white granny panties with the elastic thread hanging and holes from where you use your thumbs to pull them up.” Do not ask how I know this. Vineyard… [Read More]

Crisis Intervention

I must resist!Dooney & BourkeLarge Erica Bag $130 The kicker –It comes in pink & greenorgreen & pinkorwhat I call dual ”team” color combinations ANDhas a hot pink lining!!! I am weakening. Large Duffle – $148 Now the question is, what am I going to do with this information? Please, someone take one for the team and report back!! Go Team Pink & Green!!! Inspirational song: “Got My Mind Set On You” – George Harrison


Please excuse the alliteration but I have a penchant for pretty pink purses. My new Lilly tote came in and it is very nice. I don’t know if I love it though because it is very big. The print bag was a nice surprise. I am figuring the duo is a “two-fer” because I love the print as much as the shiny bright color. Here is a snap of the lining. Love it!I hadn’t even taken the tissue off the… [Read More]

Gotta love the the super bowl…

It is the BEST time to shop!