…And a Partridge In A Pear Tree

One bird flew back into the nest late last night after finishing his finals early on the quarter system.

We went to the In n’ Out drive-thru on the way home.

“One animal style, 1 plain cheese burger, 1 medium lemonade, please.”

“Yes, that will be inhaled in the car before we leave the drive-thru lane.”

I have never heard anyone moan while eating a burger before.

The Best Burgers Ever!

Best BBQ Burger Ever

This Sunday we are hosting The Family “End-of-Summer Extravaganza!” We have lots to celebrate: July & August birthdays. Sending Son1 back to college for his senior year. Sending Son2 off to college for his freshman year. Toasting 2 sets of newlyweds. Mr. P. M.’s crime fighting escapades. My pending mid-life crisis (scheduled for Sept 14th).It’s all here and it’ all good! I’m keeping the menu simple and family is helping but I am making smoking hot pom-martinis that will be… [Read More]