Bat Cookies! with Steamed, Rolled Fondant

decorated bat cookies

Our power was off all morning to mid afternoon so I’m a little late in posting to wish you a happy Halloween so “Happy Halloween” at last! Late, late, late last night after we returned home from a wonderful dinner with our lovely friends I began this project- Yep, sometimes I can be a little batty when it comes to making and decorating cookies. When I’ve got an idea I’ve got to see it through. The cookies were for a… [Read More]

Halloween Cocktail Time!

Question: “What do black Cosmo martinis garnished with sparkly disco dust and a beating heart on a wooden stake have in common”? Answer: “It’s what for dinner come Halloween for me and my ghoul friends”. This year I’m going ghoulie glam with a sparkling rim made with thinned candy coating or white chocolate tinted with icing colors and sprinkled with disco dust. “Ghoulie Pink Sparkle Rim” “Twilight Red Sparkle Rim” I wrote a post on the particulars and challenges of… [Read More]

“You’ve Been BOOZEd!” *if you’re over 21!*

“You’ve Been BOOed by the Spirits of Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo!!” Pumpkins, ‘Trick or Treat’ and Halloweens past, Remember, ‘You’ve Been BOOed!’ Which time was the last? The kids are gone and out on their own, Once were costumed cuties but now have college loans. The fright of climbing tuition costs always on the rise, They think we’re made of out money but that’s not our Halloween disguise! Halloween isn’t the same for us and this we know is… [Read More]

“Cupcake Goodies Kit” {Give-Away}

Halloween Cupcakes

Sometimes the easiest and simplest decorations are the best so I’ve put together a “Cupcake Goodies Kit Give-Away.”I’ve included the paper cup liners, pastry bags and star tip to the wrappers, toppers and sprinkles so you can make these cupcakes yourself! Wilton has the cutest kit of fence wrappers and toppers so I’m including the package of 12 each. But of course every cupcake needs sprinkles! Mini pumpkins, ghosts and bats… ..and mysterious black orbs! Did I tell you I’m… [Read More]

Scaredy Cat Napkin Holder/Place Card

As a continuation of my Halloween decorations, making the napkin holder/place card is so easy. Take an extra cat cut-out from the ideas on the “Hissy Fit Halloween Garland Post” and use the punched out holes on the cat’s back to thread 6mm ribbon through. In the ribbon loop on the back of the cat place the napkin. Pull the ribbon taut and tie in a bow. You can write the name of your guest on the cat with a… [Read More]

“Hissy Fit” Halloween Garland!

halloween cat garland with pom poms

I love Halloween decorations whether I’m hosting a big monster mash bash or a small intimate dinner party which I’ll be doing this year.When I was at Paper Source I saw these cute scaredy cat cut-outs. It’s actually a kit of 8 cut-outs and some silver cording but it would be very to easy to make your own. If I wasn’t pressed for time with my NYC trip coming up next week, I would use my large cat cookie cutter… [Read More]

Royal Icing and Cookie Decorating

decorated fall leaf cookies

Icing & Decorating. This is the fun part! Part I Part IIGet your mixer bowl and whisk ready and we’re off! Royal Icing: 1 lb. Powdered Sugar (does not need to be sifted) 3 Tbl. Meringue Powder 6 Tbl. Hot Water (from tap is fine) Make sure your bowl and whisk attachment is grease free. Why grease free? Grease and egg whites don’t mix and the whites will not rise. Give both a pre-wash if they’ve been sitting unused in… [Read More]

Witch’s Calderon and Fall Decorative Cookies: Part 1

Are you ready for some fall baking? I know I am.This is my favorite time of year. I love the anticipation of the holidays in the air and the Santa Ana winds that blow.I’ve decided to write the posts in parts so it’s more organized. One post will be recipes, another on techniques and so on. You might think I’m working backwards but this post will give you some ideas on packaging. I’m always inspired to begin my cookie projects… [Read More]