Posting on RSM Patch Today

Today, I’m posting “What’s In Your Late Summer Garden (Besides Spiders)?” over on Patch. Patch is an online community newspaper via AOL/Huffington Post where I’m a regular contributor. Often times my posts are picked up by other local communities too.

When you visit today, you may be able to find your own community’s edition by clicking on “change towns” on the upper right area.


If you do come over, please leave a comment. I’d love to have you visit!

“O Tomatoes, Where Art Thou?”

We’re not having very good luck this summer with our garden. Our tomatoes never really grew or took off and I lost interest very quickly when my expected results weren’t happening. Even the zucchini isn’t showing the love. Or maybe it’s me. Perhaps it started when we realized the yellow squash was mislabeled and were really gourds. Of course we found this out at dinner one night. What does one do with a gourd anyway besides letting it dry and… [Read More]

This Is WAR!!

NOOOoooooo!!! Ugh! Can you believe this? After anticipating the taste of these beauties since they were little sprouts and diligently watching them ripen for weeks this occurs!! I have a couple questions for the gardeners out there ~ What the heck is eating the tomatoes on the vine and what would peel off the skin in little pieces and eat half the fruit? Heartbreaking. My next question ~ Can you slice off the eaten spots and eat the rest of… [Read More]

SoCal ‘June Gloom’

Not in my backyard! Even though California is known for it’s ‘June Gloom’ where we have a thick marine layer that hangs in there all day near the coast and the inland valleys things were bright and cheery in our backyard this weekend without our normal sunshine.We started with a trip to a local nursery in San Juan Capistrano and purchased dozens of flats of color. ‘Color’ is the term used in the trade for seasonal annual flowering plants but… [Read More]