Nautical Wedding Cookies

nautical wedding cooki favors

The big day came and went this weekend for my niece’s wedding and it was a wonderful day.My gift to her was making 160 decorated cookies with her nautical theme utilizing the affectionate term ‘soul mateys’. I modified my original design of stenciling ‘soul mateys’ on the cookie and decided on two cute hearts incorporating the ‘soul mateys’ on a tag instead.For the last two weeks and as far as the eye could see, my horizon has been filled with… [Read More]

The First Last Days Of Summer

Monday and it’s August 2nd. The countdown has already begun.My heart begins to thump in my chest. Matters of my heart are now pushed to the forefront as the layers that have lovingly surrounded it since June will begin to flake away by the 15th as children start to leave for college again. I always feel such conflict when the ‘back-to-school’ time of year approaches. It started when my boys were in elementary school so this isn’t a new thing… [Read More]

A Good Time Was Had By All…

4th of July Recap ~We had 20 guests and it was a great day. Tiaras for the ladies and balsa wood airplanes for the guys to play with. Croquet, home made ice cream ~ chocolate, Cherry Garcia, strawberry and black raspberry. The yard was filled with dozens of candles, torches and lanterns hanging in the trees. But where are the pictures??? I was so busy flitting around I didn’t think to take any! It is my huge regret that I… [Read More]

Boston Here We Come

“Boston, here we come”! We’re off for some serious tassel tossin’ and ‘woohoo-ing’! See you all when we get back! 🙂 xoxo

Is This The Best Job A Woman Can Have or What?!?

At least I think so! To my fellow maternal comrades~“Wishing you a very happy and fun Mother’s Day!” So far I’ve had a great Mother’s Day weekend ~ Dinner with friends in Pasadena on Saturday night at RedWhite + Bluezz.Killer jazz, great food, excellent wine and non-stop laughter.A stroll around Old Town.Tulips from my bro and sis-in-law.A gift from Mr. PM of Photo Shop Elements and a year’s worth of lessons of my choosing at the Microsoft store beginning today.3… [Read More]

My Green Flash List

Tomorrow completes spring break for us.College Boy1 has already left and College Boy2 leaves tomorrow. The day before they leave is the hardest for me. I tend to sulk internally knowing what is coming. This past week everything was as it should have been, selfishly, for me. There were home cooked meals around the kitchen table, dinner at the sushi bar where the owner/chef was happy to see us walk in all together, the ironing board made one of its… [Read More]

A Nephew’s Wedding In Scottsdale

Waiting for the ceremony to begin. Scott’s lovely Leala. Laura’s Andreas. An other newly engaged niece, Jennifer, who just got her ring on Thursday night! She is Mizz’s sister. Mizz got engaged 10 days ago! Stayed tuned for many more family weddings! My boys escorted their Grandmother. The proud parent’s of the groom. Sister Laura is all smiles. Brothers Scott and Todd. The bride’s mother’s face full of love watching her grandchildren, the ring barer and flower girl. Ryan sees… [Read More]

Birthday Trees

birthday trees

Do you remember when you were very small you would ask me “When is my birthday?” We could have made marks on the calendar but I wanted to give you something to take with you as you grew into your life. We opened the door to the backyard and stepped outside. I held you as your little arms wrapped around my neck. ‘Look up,’ I said. ‘Those are your birthday trees and they will always tell you when your birthday… [Read More]

…And On The Seventh Day…

Today is my crash day. Yesterday would have been but an English breakfast with kippers awaited us in Pasadena with my brother’s family and their new in-law additions from the marital acquisitions this past summer. It is nice having 2 permanent additions to the Mac clan. A lovely sight for our family. The day after Christmas was delightful, the kippers, even the water retention from the sodium overload and the riveting game of Cranium. Nothing like seeing my eldest very… [Read More]

On Tap This Week…

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. The Spirit of Christmas Present will be very busy this week in the PM&P’s household as I’m sure it will be in yours. For my posts this week I’ll have 4 delicious recipes with one being a hot coffee libation for the December Cocktails of The Month to serve on Christmas Eve and day and a preview of my New Year’s Eve Decorated Cookies if I can get my act together and… [Read More]