Pink and Green Fever

“Disco Dots” – ‘Sorbet’ by Michael Miller

I have been eyeing this fabric for some time ever since I first saw it over a year ago. Remnants have been on eBay but it looks like it is back on a per yard availability. I have seen the pattern in wrapping papers and used for a small ring pillow for a wedding in a blog somewhere but I am once again feeling the need to make it my own. Perhaps a pillow or two for my office?

Being in a house of men, I am conscientious of my self imposed girlie-to-manly ratio of decor. My find and purchase of a lovely crystal chandelier to hang over the kitchen table was voted down by everyone except Violet, my beloved feline and although she is extremely loyal to me I do believe her vote can be swayed with the sound of an opening can. The chandelier hangs in the garage unlit and gathering dust but certainly adds charm to that corner.

Gratitude song “Good Day Sunshine” – The Beatles