The New ‘Test Day’ Nightmare

Remember the dream where you find yourself suddenly in class and there is a test that you didn’t know about and you realize you never studied for it? Now there is a grown up and hip version of that dream and I had it this morning.
You may even be in it! I am still reeling:I had just come back to my childhood home from a holiday break. I am ‘me’ now but the house has been turned into a sorority house. I am there before everyone comes back because I am hosting a luncheon for all my blogging friends I have never met! The house is a mess! I am picking up towels in the bathroom and shoving them into the shower, the counters are atrocious! After being fairly satisfied with my quick pick up I move onto the kitchen. There is no food.Three male blog friends arrive and sit in folding chairs and start talking. I don’t know them but I am gracious. Silently, I am fretting about having no food to serve and decide to take drink orders to get me back into the kitchen. Someone wants a complicated gin drink. I scour the cupboards. I root around and finally find a gallon of light Bacardi and a bottle of vegetable oil. I go to the frig – I find simple syrup and old juice. I come back to Preppy 101 and ask if margaritas will be okay. There is a collective groan from the room which is now filling up the round tables. I am looking for Mr. P. M. to make a store run. The Posh Mommas comes in looking lovely and hugs me and says, “I just wanted to say hello, while I can” and she goes back out the door to fetch her Twincesses and I am so glad she decided to bring them so I can see them. :)I look around and see Ronda of Stella’s Mom in the corner laughing and talking with someone, just like she looks on her sidebar. I think she has a drink and I’m wondering what she is drinking! I go back to thinking this was supposed to be such a lovely luncheon to meet all these wonderful women and I have nothing to serve them. What will Miss Janice think?? But I knew she would not be judgmental. I knew no one would be. I was my worst judge.”If I had only prepared better I would have chicken salad in tomato cup with zig-zag edges on a bed of butterhead lettuce (which I have never made in real life). Perhaps I could get a caterer and pay them $500 to bring food in and I can add grapes to it.”

That is my dream, uh, nightmare. So this must be the 2010 adult version of that ill-prepared dream. It is the new pop quiz and final in my world. In reality, I wake up knowing I have towels to fold before I go and a house to tidy up before Suzi comes over for cat duty and I have not packed one thing for my weekend.
The mind truly works in mysterious ways.

No more blogging for me today.
I have work to do before I go and apparently chicken salad in tomato cups with zig-zag edges on a bed of butterhead lettuce to make! 🙂

… and thank you to my co-stars.
I must have felt very comfortable having you around. 🙂