Going Ape Over Decorated Banana Cookies!

I had so much fun coming up with a creative idea for the presentation of family memberships for our local zoo for a give-away. The business who sponsored the give-away asked me to come up with something that would coordinate with such a nifty gift.My project began with this…
…membership certificates in a paper scroll.

banana cookies santa ana zoo
The presentation possibilities were endless but you know me…… ‘cookies must be involved!’

The zoo is known for their monkey exhibit and what is more fun than monkeys?

I found this Curious George-esque fella at Toys R Us.

banana cookies santa ana zoo
So friendly, don’t you think?

And what goes with monkeys? Bananas!

banana cookies santa ana zoo
And what’s better than a few bananas? A bunch of them!

banana cookies santa ana zoo
I wanted the cookies to be more than just yellow crescents so I rubbed on petal powders in orange, brown and green to add some shading giving them more depth.

I drew the stems and tips on the bananas with an Ameri-Color brown edible ink pen.

banana cookies santa ana zoo
‘Ripeness’ was added by dipping a toothbrush into a cocoa mixture and flicking it over the cookie for those little brown specks.

banana cookies santa ana zoo
splatter decorating with icing
I did this only on a few cookies because I didn’t want the bunch to look like they were all destined to become banana bread.

banana cookies santa ana zoo
I couldn’t believe the ribbon I found at Michael’s with adorable monkey faces.
I couldn’t wait to get home a make a bow with accent color ribbon.
Is anyone else like that?

banana cookies santa ana zoo
George is enjoying the late afternoon sun of a day that reached 72 today.
I promise spring will be here, and it’s coming to the mid-west, northeast and south too.
But we’re going to keep it over here for awhile longer. 🙂

banana cookies santa ana zoo
George was finished with a wrap of poofy cellophane, a big beautiful bow and a custom made tag of the sponsoring company’s logo. He also found a new friend and family today.

Next week another lucky winner will be chosen.

I hope the winners’ visits to the zoo are more fun than a barrel full of monkeys!