Pink Champagne Glass Decorated Cookies

A bit of the bubbly. The stuff that tickles your nose.
pink champagne glass cookies
And YES! It has to be pink!
It’s mere existence announces in the grandest of styles a new beginning, an achievement, an event to remember.
pink champagne glass cookies
It celebrates life with us.

pink champagne glass cookies

Love. Marriage. Birth.
pink champagne glass cookies
It let’s us take a moment to say hoorah for you, hoorah for me or hoorah for all of us!
pink champagne glass cookies
Please, Save The Date”
It wouldn’t be the same without you.
pink champagne glass cookies
Congratulations on your new promotion… to dipper duty.”
pink champagne glass cookies
Happy Birthday!”
You don’t look a day over 30!
Let’s Celebrate!
I found a shape I liked though Google search, enlarged it, printed it and made a template.
pink champagne glass cookies
then baked the cookies a little longer to brown them more because of the rainy weather here.
pink champagne glass cookies
I used 2 types of dragees ~ pink metallic and pink pearls but not together.
Since I didn’t have pink sanding sugar and I thought that look might be too heavy for what I had envisioned anyway, I mixed clear edible glitter with red glitter and ground them up with my fingers to make finer grained sparkles. If you put glitter on wet icing it will dissolve. When the icing is dry, make a mixture of meringue powder and water and brush over the pink champagne part avoiding the dragees.
Sprinkle the glitter over the wet pink icing, lightly press and turn over and tap the cookie like you would for real glitter. It is done!
Brush on pearlized powder over the white icing for a luxurious glow.
Celebrate at every opportunity!
If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer in the comments section. 🙂
“Celebration” ~ Kool and The Gang
“Pink Champagne” ~ Pink & Evelyn Champagne KingUpdate: Just got an email from son1 who heard from Stanford minutes ago. He is “in” for the PhD program next year for Chem E. Just so happens he planned a dinner outing for 10 tonight in Boston’s north end and I know he will have a great time. Mr. P. M. and I are going out for sushi to celebrate ourselves! Celebrate at every opportunity! 🙂 Yippie!