My college boy-to-be and I had a great time together checking out what will soon be his home away from home. We stared out with lunch at Phillippe’s in LA across from Olvera St. and the Union Station. We also took a slight scenic detour and drove through Los Olivos and Solvang. On our way home we hit Phillippe’s again with all the Dodger fans. Here is a picture of one of the college town’s landmarks. Bubblegum Alley You could… [Read More]

The Homecoming.

I am flying this weekend to New York state with son2 for a college visit to meet with advisors, etc. If the emotions of a college trip aren’t enough, I am filled with a sense of panic since Mr. P. Martini is unable to go and I have to be the grown-up. Never mind I will be traveling with an 18 year-old male who will be living on his own shortly because this does not count to a mother.  … [Read More]

“Would You Like Lemon and Sugar With Your Flak Jacket?”

When you’re dining in da ‘hood….you can still entertain elegantly while being under siege. “Our Polaris Polycarbonate Outdoor Dinnerware looks like crystal but won’t break like it. This collection is crafted of high-quality, transparent polycarbonate — the same material used in bulletproof glass and riot shields.” ~ Frontgate I know what they were trying to say here but after living in LA and having experienced a sniper attack on my university owned apartment building complete with SWAT team and having… [Read More]

The Month of the Other Shoe

This may be the Year of the Ox but this is the Month of the Other Shoe and from now until the beginning of April, we and countless other high school families across the nation are waiting for it to drop. Thus begins March Madness when seniors for the first time in their lives suddenly show interest in the US Postal Service. College acceptance letters will be mailed out beginning this week and the pressure is on. It’s not like… [Read More]

Out Of My Element

I would like to plan a trip to Boston where my college boy is in attendance. At this time of year I begin to ache for a hug and a visual. Besides my plan for some exchanges of squeezes which are probably in direct contrast to any child’s plan when their parent comes to visit (fitting me in if he has to but will oblige for a couple of non-dorm meals), I am hoping to experience falling snow. This puts… [Read More]

Happy, happy! Joy, joy!

When I was in college in the Mesozoic 80’s Era, not one day would pass when my Pappagallo Bermuda Bag wasn’t tucked in the wicker basket of my blue Schwinn bike. I had many covers but the monogrammed navy with kelly green piping, hot pink and white eyelet were my favorites. When I began working in the corporate world my Dior bag would accompany my Hartmann satchel. I still remember the long fond look I gave the worn wood handled… [Read More]