Beverly Hills 90064?

hollywood cookies

This week we went to a reception of the SoCal Alumni Assoc. of MIT at the Beverly Hills Country Club. Aside from the fact we were going to be able to meet the President of the school, Dr. Susan Hockfield, and wishing to extend our sincere appreciation for all our son has gleaned from drinking out of the firehose during these past four years, I was looking forward to stepping into the BHCC. I expected opulence, nouveau riche a la… [Read More]

Collegiate Valentine Care Packages

Collegiate Valentine Care Package DIY Cupcakes

Are kids ever too big to receive some Valentine’s Day fun from home? Afterall, “nuthin’ says lovin’ like something from mom’s oven!”    So they wouldn’t miss anything among the packing, I made a big Valentine on one side then on the flip I printed out an inventory list.Caution: You are about to enter the corny zone! 🙂 Each Care Package contains: 1. One personal Valentine from Mom & Dad, (and cat). 2. Rice Krispy “Bear Hugs” Treats 3. Custom… [Read More]

Appearances. Appearances. Appearances.

‘No Frumpy’: Cornell’s Pi Phi Forbids American Apparel Leggings, ‘Gross, Plastic Shizzz’ by Britt Aboutaleb This morning, I was forwarded six pages worth of dress code requirements for Pi Phi’s Cornell chapter. Because it’s Friday, and they’re outrageous, I’m sharing. What does one wear to rush? If we had a sorority our rule would be there are no rules – we’d welcome vintage flannel and Dior couture heels in equal measure, but Pi Phi’s rush chair’s a bit more… [Read More]


In 1976, my sophomore year at USC, I shared an apartment with three girls. Jana was my roommate. Nan, who shared a room with Sherry, had planned on marrying at the end of the school year and had asked Jana to be one of her attendants. She was thrilled and soon they began planning the wedding together. They talked about the usual stuff, dresses, travel plans to northern California, the parties that would ensue. They were both very excited to… [Read More]

I Know Nothing.

WESTWOOD — Someone has vandalized UCLA’s beloved bruin bear statue ahead of Saturday’s football game against rival USC. The vandals cut through a protective tarp and dumped red and yellow paint on the mascot, which is poised in the center of the Westwood campus. Suspiciously, USC’s colors are cardinal and gold. Police say the prank is being treated as a felony vandalism investigation. Workers were seen attempting to remove the paint Wednesday morning. It was not immediately known what time… [Read More]


USC vs. UCLA This goes way back.Long before I was an espadrille wearin’, Bermuda bag totin’, ever lovin’ Tri-Delta Row Goddess, UCLA would make the trek from the west side over to south central and douse Tommy with a couple cans of blue paint and swipe his sword. For a couple weeks before the game in the Coliseum, a guard hovered 24/7 over our bronze campus god. Sometimes UCLA beat us to the punch. Game week was big doin’s.There was… [Read More]

The Trad Guy

I’ve always been a sucker for a guy in a pair of khakis, a long sleeve RL button-down shirt, tasseled loafers, a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers and the scent of Polo. This package is classic and timeless. This is Mr. P. M. and I have been raising two boys to fill his Sperry Top-Siders to continue the tradition. These three men have been ideal participants simply by possessing a Y chromosome which means they will wear practically anything that I… [Read More]

Tailgate Time!

I LOVE all things collegiate not only because I am a USC alum and proud of it but all things collegiate were indoctrinated in me from birth. Orange County is Trojan Country although those from that other school across town and which must not be named would have a different opinion. As I tell anyone my favorite teams are USC and anyone that is playing UCLA However, after spending this morning googling and checking out websites for collegiate needlepoint belts… [Read More]

Once A Mom Waiting For The Phone To Ring…

Welcome to college. Son1 has the flu. 🙁 They are requesting many kids return home to stop the spread. The first week of class. Ugh!I had just finished talking with him on the phone and was listening to how horrible he sounded and how miserable he is feeling today. So hard to hear. Anyway, being at work I turned my attention to retrieving the the phone messages from our service.One read: Trying to get a hold of your wife. Your… [Read More]

How Stella Is Losing Her Groove Tonight.

So what is the next project? I feel such a let down today.Son2 gets his wisdom teeth out this Friday so I need to rally and start to get my thoughts organized to take care of him. College boy comes home Saturday for his break between work and school. I must put fresh sheets on his bed and lay out fresh towels and make his favorite foods. Before he even steps foot in the door I start to think of… [Read More]