Hot “Hoochy” Coffee

This is the best recipe for a special occasion coffee to serve either with dessert or in place of. I have been making this delicious concoction for years. It’s very simple and parts can be mixed and made ahead of time. Then just add coffee and top with whipped cream and the garnish of your choice and serve.Makes 2 servings. Almond Mocha Coffee1/4 c. amaretto3 T. Kahlua or other *coffee-flavored liqueur1/4 c. plus 2 T. half & half, scalded1 T…. [Read More]

December Cocktails Of The Month The Santa Hat

Santa Hat Cocktail

  This month’s cocktail is all about this…   No, not my attempt of an artsy shot by putting my antique duck decoy in our evergreen pear tree pretending it’s a partridge but “The Santa Hat.”   This is the cocktail we are going to make.   The cocktail needs to be a deep pink or red. I have chosen 3. 2 rum based and 1 vodka based. “Oh, yum!”   Let’s make the Santa’s Hat part first since it… [Read More]