“All That Glitters… should be MINE!”

“Kate is out there, and I’m lovin’ it!” Gold Coast MaryAnn Why?Because I live on the Gold Coast of CA (well, inland a little, but just a tad) and I have a niece named Marianne. Pink Sparkly Shoes Why?Puhleese. An obvious trick question! Single Ball Earrings Why?Time Square’s got nothing on these babies!Happy New Year! Disco Fever Link Bracelet Why? A sparkly cuff. My true love.I cannot, should not, will not resist! What things do you have that make you… [Read More]

23 Days And Counting…

It’s time to think about what I’d like for my Birthday next month. Fantasizing that my budget is unlimited is the best part. Don’t we all love to do this? If Mr. Pink Martini ever read my blog he would find many ideas to surprise me with and since gift buying is not a particularly strong suit of his I have made it very easy for him. Key: * = Easily Obtainable. No brainer. ** = The ‘wow’ factor would… [Read More]

The Kate Spade Cocktail

Start with…4 maraschino cherries, stems on4 green stuffed olives on picks2 lemon wedges2 lime slicesAdd a twist of 1 orange and a zest for life. Don’t forget the cocktail umbrellas!(must include at least 1 pink, naturally)…… and serve with a dash of Lilly, of your choice.It’s 151 proof that summer is just a shake away. ‘Blended, please’: “Lime In The Coconut” – Harry Nilsson

Rolling Along Towards Summer.

“To pack or not to pack? That is the question.”For your mid-summer’s night get-away.$19.99Amazon-upon-Avon 🙂 A Little Black Dress of jewelry rolls.Classic and understated.$12.97 I want this…..Sequin Starfish Cuff $198 …to go in this…..…or this. Can either say “summer” more?Both Vera. $35 & $48, respectively. “I’ll be right there!” One last peek in the mirror. Gorgeous.$39 “Talk to me, Harry Winston, tell me all about it!”A fully loaded jewelry case given to you for your crossing on the QE2 for… [Read More]

“Charmed, I’m Shuwa.”

Kimmeron Designs Add a Charm – $45 Shoe Charm – $248 Sterling Palm – $65 New England Charm $265 Sterling Duckling – $85Little girl version – $45 Twilight Bracelet – $85 Pearls are a girl’s best friend….Pearls and white topaz – $85 Pearls and pink tourmaline $148 All photos link to the item’s webpage. Work that wrist, girlfriend!: “Semi-Charmed” – Third Eye Blind