Unforgettable “Quotes” Captured

A tiny photo of a book that will have huge heart warming impact in our older age.

When my boys were very young I started a journal of all their wonderful quotes. My record keeping of these pearls of wisdom didn’t last very long because I didn’t have just one booklet dedicated to this. I wish I would have done this but here is a journal for you mom’s out there who still have time to capture these precious words or for new mom’s to be. What a great gift for a baby shower or for Mother’s Day, don’t you think?

I found it at Paper Source.

Son2 came up with especially thoughtful insights in pre-school always as I was tucking him in bed:

Reflecting on his little light brown patch birthmark:
“My freckles are having a party.”

“I know what happens when we die. We keep coming back over and over again.”

I love being a mom. 🙂

Ina’s New Book *Great*!

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Anxiously Waiting Your Arrival…

October 26 It’s never easy waiting for one of your wonderful books, Ina. August 31 Loved you the first time around in the 80’s, Lisa. Can’t wait for the update. September 7Hope it’s good. August 31 Found in translation.To English.

“What Would Audrey Do” Pass-Along Book Give-Away

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Grace Kelly Book Give-Away!

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New Month. New Books.

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Book Report Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story

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The Lost Symbol and Personal Commentary

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“Yes, This Clutter Does Make My Butt Look Fat.”

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