“Make Sure You Have Protection…”

I’m sure you’ve heard about the NY Times columnist who is accused of plagiarism from picking up a quote from a blogger. This comes on the same day I found someone using a photo of mine taken from my blog. It is okay with me because the photo is insignificant but it took me quite by surprise. It got me to wondering though- should the creative writings and original photographs of bloggers be protected or is everything up for grabs or are bloggers protected from republication by default?As an armchair writer I tend to be possessive about my literary children and I want them to know who their daddy is or in my case, their mama. I think anyone who puts forth a creative effort feels this way no matter what the content. I see some blog sites have copyright notifications and content cannot be used without permission.

What do you know about the legalese of the blogosphere?

“Paperback Writer” – The Beatles