Happy Birthday to A Best Friend!

When making party favors for my dear friend Suzi’s birthday party hosted by her equally lovely sister, Kathi, last Saturday, I thought of what images I could capture in a cookie that reminded me of her. Specific images came to mind when thinking of her style – simple elegance, sparkle, mirrors, silver balls, purple and white. Suzi, I love having you be a sweet part of my life and the icing on my cake. (I know, corny). Wishing you many,… [Read More]

Ready! iPad! Action!

I had some fun this weekend at my niece’s birthday party. I took my iPad along and took a video with a new app I downloaded called 8mm HD. There are different styles to film in so I used the 60’s and added a little film jitter, as it’s called, on the app. It’s where the film frame flicks up or down. The room was a little dark but it was fun to just experiment. Then to make the movie,… [Read More]

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!

Happy 20th Birthday to my sweet, baby boy! May you find the same joy in your heart today as when you opened your present on your third birthday and found exactly what you wished for. xoxo

My Birthday vs. The Lakers

Today is my birthday.Tonight is the final NBA game with the Lakers playing.Thus lies the dilemma. Before game 6, I was offered my favorite restaurant to dine at tonight ~Studio at the Montage Resort.In Laguna Beach.On top of a cliff.At sunset. But when it was realized “The Game” would be played on Thursday night I could sense the minds of three guys switching gears wondering which sports bar might be the nicest to take mom to. (If they ever want… [Read More]

Cakes From My Casa

tierd cake with fondant ribbons

I used to make cakes for fun. Did I ever mention that? I’m in the process of finding photos I’ve taken over the years and I’m attempting to scan them so I have a more permanent place to keep them all. I don’t know why I’m really doing this. I’ve made more cakes and decorated cookies than I ever thought to take pictures of. There are some very traditional designs ~Rebecca’s cakeOh my. I wasn’t even married yet when I… [Read More]

Invited To The Party with Decorated Champagne Glass Cookies

Pink champagne cookies

  Dear M2 ~Thank you for inviting my cookies to your mom’s birthday party. They are honored to attend and I know they’re going to have a great time! Original Champagne Glass Cookie Post here

Birthday Trees

birthday trees

Do you remember when you were very small you would ask me “When is my birthday?” We could have made marks on the calendar but I wanted to give you something to take with you as you grew into your life. We opened the door to the backyard and stepped outside. I held you as your little arms wrapped around my neck. ‘Look up,’ I said. ‘Those are your birthday trees and they will always tell you when your birthday… [Read More]

“Come Fly With Me” Week 4 Give-Away

“Buckle up and put your trays and seats in their upright position…” … because we are taking off for the final flight of “All Things Summer Give-Away!”We’re going to bring some color, style and fun to the ‘friendly skies.’ Once upon a time, travel was considered refined and exotic.People used to dress up to go places and it was special.Gentleman always donned a coat and tie and ladies were never seen without heels and a hat box. Perhaps our only… [Read More]

“One-Day-Only Birthday Give-Away”

Today is my birthday and I am celebrating because for the last 6 months I thought I was going to be a year older than I actually am! Unbelievable, yet true so I’m having a “Special One Day Only give-away“while I still remember I am having a birthday!!! Finding this blogging community has added so much sparkle to my life that I’d like to give you something that sparkles in return. I have been eying this crystal heart key chain… [Read More]

Give-Away Week 3 “Poolside Party.”

WINNER UPDATE: Congratulations to “Chelle”You’ve made a big splash!78 Entries Result: 63 random.orgKeep the kiddies at home, grab your shades and a good book because we’re lounging by the pool for Week 3 of my birthday month’s“All Things Summer” Give-Away. Pull up an extra chaise because Tommy Bahama is coming with us and there’s a ‘hula shakin’ going on’ with the 40’s inspired retro hula girl beach towel.And for that trashy summer novella that is perfect for the poolside and… [Read More]